Salamanca Place Precinct Upgrade - Stage 2 and Stage 3


The precinct connecting Salamanca Place to the Hobart Waterfront will be upgraded to provide a more vibrant and accessible streetscape for pedestrians and events. 

Project background

Salamanca Place on Hobart’s waterfront houses major hospitality and retail activity, as well as being home to one of Australia’s most loved outdoor markets. This project will deliver great improvements to the appearance and amenity of the Salamanca Precinct and provide a fresh, contemporary look and feel to the area.

The $3.5 million project will improve safety and provide a more enjoyable experience for pedestrians, offering a high-quality, trip free and accessible space for walkers moving through the Salamanca Place area.

The project is due to commence in April 2019 and will be delivered in stages over the next three years. Some of the main changes include:

  • Closing the existing southbound one-way road that runs from Morrison Street to Montpelier Retreat through the Salamanca Lawns and rebuilding the flat area of the Salamanca Lawns to make it suitable for multiple purposes such as Salamanca Market special events.
  • Making the existing curved two-lane, one-way road connecting Gladstone Street to Morrison Street a two-way road for motorists driving between Morrison Street and Salamanca Place.
  • Rebuilding the intersection at Salamanca Place and Montpelier Retreat and the footpath on Salamanca Place between Montpelier Retreat and Kennedy Lane to make walking through this area feel safe and comfortable.
  • Installing five ‘zebra’ crossings to give pedestrians priority over vehicles at important pedestrian crossing points.

There would be no change in the number of car parking spaces and none of the trees that are heritage-listed or on the Significant Tree Register would be affected. Nine small trees are planned to be removed and replaced with five trees more appropriate for the area.

Further Information

The Concept Plan for the project can be downloaded here: Salamanca Pedestrian Works – Concept Plan(PDF, 672KB)

You can download a series of visualisations of how the project would look once constructed here: Salamanca Pedestrian Works – Visulisations(PDF, 4MB)

More background information can be downloaded here: City Infrastructure Committee Report - 21 March 2018(PDF, 44MB)


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