Expanding City: underutilised sites

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This project develops methods for identifying city sites that may currently be considered 'undertuilised'.

It considers potential for development in central Hobart, examining how the current planning provisions may impede or foster different outcomes.

It identifies a range of sites within the 60 central city blocks that offer a potential for redevelopment.

Speculative propositions for sites that draw on best practice examples are used to provide visualisations of positive urban scenarios, which can be used for discussion with the community about the future of the city.

Expanding City: underutilised sites(PDF, 9MB)

Key information and attributions

Project year: 2017-18

Project leaders: Dr Helen Norrie (UTAS), Stuart Baird (City of Hobart), Sarah Bendeich (City of Hobart)

Speculate project team: Emma Hall, Sarah Bomford, Mary McNeill, Aaron Oh

Project advisor: Ben Thorp (City of Hobart)

Editors: Helen Norrie, Stuart Baird, Sarah Bendeich, Niamh O'Hara, Katelyn White