Purchasing and tenders

Purchasing and tenders

The City of Hobart conducts an open tendering process to buy products and services.

This process is governed by the Code for Tenders and Contracts(PDF, 3MB), and guided by the Procurement Strategy.

Details of current open tenders and access to the City's electronic tendering facility are on the TenderLink portal. There is no cost for registering with TenderLink.

TenderLink portal

Tenders are invited by one of the following:

  • an open tender
  • a multi-use register (panel of providers)
  • a multi-stage tender.

All public tenders for expenditure greater than $250 000 are advertised in the Wednesday or Saturday edition of the The Mercury newspaper in the Tenders section. Public tenders remain open for a minimum period of 14 days.

Purchases under $250 000 are not advertised but go through a tender process or request for quotation process which are advertised on TenderLink.

For more information contact the City's Procurement team on 03 6238 2163 or email coh@hobartcity.com.au.

Methods of procurement

The City of Hobart uses the following methods for acquiring goods, services and works.

Multistage tender

The first stage involves alerting potential suppliers to a coming purchase, and shortlisting respondents if there is an adequate response. The next stage involves the invitation of competitive offers from the short-listed respondents.

Panel of suppliers

Panel arrangements are sourcing arrangements with multiple suppliers working in the same area. They are used in situations where there are irreconcilable user preferences, when it is not possible or desirable to single source, or when the City wants to promote and stimulate competition.

Sole supplier

The goods, services or works is supplied by a sole supplier.

Request for quotation

A request for quotation is a standard business process that invites suppliers into a process to bid on specific products or services.

Request for tender

Tenders are commonly used where there is a defined scope of work and there are multiple suppliers capable of bidding for the contract.

Request for information

A request for information is used by the City to collect information and opinions from the market, an often occurs as a precursor to a procurement process.

Expression of interest

An expression of interest is a formal notice to potential suppliers that the City is planning to acquire goods or services and inviting interested suppliers to register their interest. It can be used as a tool to assess the level of competition in the supply market, and is usually part of a multistage procurement process.

Market consultation

The aim of the market consultation is to help the City develop a detailed understanding of what the market can deliver and what constraints or opportunities there are that could influence the procurement.

Local Preference Policy

The City is committed to supporting local businesses and industry, and encouraging local economic business activity for the benefit of local communities.

Find more information in the Local Preference Procurement Policy(PDF, 188KB).


The City of Hobart verify payments to suppliers with Eftsure.

Eftsure logo

Cybercrime and payment fraud are increasing concerns for organisations across Australia.

The City of Hobart has recently engaged Eftsure to provide ongoing supplier verification services in relation to payments made to suppliers. Eftsure provide an independent, real-time software solution which helps to ensure that payments made by electronic funds transfer go to the intended payee.

The majority of the City's active suppliers have already been previously verified by Eftsure. Suppliers that have not previously been verified by Eftsure will receive an email inviting them to verify their details with Eftsure. Suppliers may also receive contact from Eftsure by telephone.

More information about Eftsure, including frequently asked questions (FAQs), can be found on the following fact sheet: Eftsure fact sheet(PDF, 392KB)

Any queries can be directed to the City's Financial Operations Team on 03 6238 2961 or email accountspayable@hobartcity.com.au.

Frequently asked questions

Following are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about doing business with the City.

If you have other questions please contact the City's Procurement team on 03 6238 2163 or email coh@hobartcity.com.au.

How can I register to do business with the City of Hobart?

Register on the TenderLink portal to view current open tenders and you will receive email alerts when a new business opportunity is listed. There is no cost for registering with TenderLink.

It is important to keep your TenderLink details up to date to ensure you continue to receive notifications.

How can I view details of current tenders?

Details of current open tenders and access to the City's electronic tendering facility can be found on the TenderLink portal.

How can I download tender documents?

You must first register on the TenderLink portal and then you'll be able to download the documents.

How do I submit a tender or quote?

Make sure you have the necessary skills, personnel and qualifications to meet the requirements in the specification.

If you have questions about the tender/quotation documents they must be made via the TenderLink portal. Check the closing date for questions/clarifications (usually this is seven days before the tender/quotation closing date).

Responses to questions will be issued via the TenderLink portal.

Submitting your tender or quotation

  1. Ensure you have read the tender documents and understand them fully.
  2. Check the closing date for submitting questions through the online forum on Tenderlink.
  3. Submit your questions using the online forum well before the closing date.
  4. Ensure you have reviewed the evaluation criterion and demonstrated you can meet the requirements.
  5. The evaluation criterion will have a weighting against it so ensure you review the weighting and understand some criteria will be more important to the contract.
  6. Complete pricing information in the form requested. Check that the pricing information submitted is correct e.g. do not put a lump sum if you have been asked for an hourly rate.
  7. Do not amend schedules provided.
  8. Ensure all supporting documents are included with your submission.
  9. Check all relevant documents have been signed.
  10. Leave yourself enough time to upload your submission to Tenderlink, noting that late tenders or quotations won't be accepted.

Can I lodge my submission via email, fax or mail?

No, the City does not accept submissions via email, fax or mail. All tenders must be submitted via the electronic tender box on the TenderLink portal.

How can I see who was awarded a City contract?

I need help lodging a tender, who should I contact?

If you need help please contact the City of Hobart Procurement team on 03 6238 2163 or email coh@hobartcity.com.au.

What is a conforming tender?

A conforming tender is a tender which satisfies all of the requirements for tenders set out in the tender package.

What is a non-conforming tender?

A tender is non-conforming when there is an absence of any requirement clearly detailed in the conditions of tendering.

What are typical issues that result in a tender being non-conforming?

A tender may be deemed non-conforming if the tenderer doesn't properly complete the tender schedules and doesn't lodge the tender submission via TenderLink before the closing time. Tender submissions need to be endorsed and dated by a duly authorised officer of the tenderer and be inclusive of all the information requested in the conditions of tendering and elsewhere in the request for tender.

Tenderers must demonstrate that they are capable of undertaking/providing the goods, services or works for the City and be an appropriate legal entity able to enter into a contract.