Young people

Young people

The City of Hobart celebrates the role that young people play in a healthy and thriving community. Young people can be passionate change-makers, at the forefront of progressive thinking and policy ideas. When supported well, young people add life, colour and energy to the whole community. They bring a different perspective to that of adults and when heard, their input improves our decision making and enriches our community.

The City of Hobart is committed to providing young people from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences with opportunities to thrive, be heard and reach their aspirations.

To learn more about the work we do with and for young people see the City of Hobart Youth Commitment 2021-23.

Youth Arts & Recreation Centre

The Youth Arts & Recreation Centre at 1 Market Place, Hobart is a creative, exciting, and safe space for all young people aged 12–25. It's a great place to meet up with friends; get involved in art, dance, music or recreation workshops; use the facilities; check out an art exhibition or see a music gig. Best of all, most things are free.

To see what workshops and events are currently on offer visit the Youth Arts & Recreation Facebook page, or visit the Youth Arts & Recreation Centre website.

As well as a regularly changing schedule of activities and workshops, the Youth Arts & Recreation Centre is open for young people to drop in and hang out every Tuesday to Friday, 3 - 6 pm.

The Youth Arts & Recreation Centre is also available for hire. Located in the city at the rear of City Hall, with a range of facilities including an art studio, music studio, kitchen, versatile recreation space, a performance stage with a PA system and more.

The Youth Arts & Recreation Centre is a venue for cultural projects, fund raising, art, dance and music events. If you need a venue for your community event, workshop or function please contact us on 0438 079 588 or email

Youth programs

The City of Hobart's youth programs provide activities, events and support for young people who live in and visit the city.

We run our youth programs from the Youth Arts & Recreation Centre. The team create and deliver fun, safe and engaging projects and events with and for young people in the community.

Our youth programs aim to:

  • ensure young people are active partners
  • consult with young people
  • maintain and develop facilities for young people
  • facilitate and support a range of learning opportunities for young people
  • develop a range of responses to issues identified by young people
  • create access to information relevant to young people
  • represent young people in networks and partnerships.

Outdoor youth work

Outdoor youth work includes activities in public spaces such as Franklin Square, Elizabeth Mall, and North and West Hobart skate parks, as well as major community events such as National Youth Week. As well as celebrating the talents and skills of young people in creative and recreational activities, these events increase young people's positive engagement with the wider community.

Outdoor youth work also includes consultation with young people on the street as well as city centre businesses. It is often undertaken in partnership with other youth organisations such as the Hobart Police and Community Youth Club.

Youth Advisory Squad

We have formed the Youth Advisory Squad to provide a formal mechanism to represent the interests and opinions of young people in Hobart.

Consultation achieves many important outcomes for the City of Hobart, young people and the broader community. These include:

  • representing the views and needs of young people who live, study, work and play within the Hobart municipal area
  • creating links between young people, the community and the City of Hobart
  • being involved in the planning, development and implementation of City of Hobart activities that are specific to or involve young people
  • identifying and addressing the aspirations, goals, issues, concerns and gaps in services for young people
  • participating in the development and implementation of City of Hobart policies that relate to young people
  • actively promoting a positive image of youth within the Hobart municipal area and greater community
  • building positive relationships/partnerships with a variety of community groups within the Hobart municipal area.