Inclusion and equity

Community inclusion and equity

To become a city for all, we must work towards inclusion and equity for all who live, work or play in Hobart. We know that there is systemic exclusion, discrimination and inequity in our city and understand that this demands systemic and structural solutions.

We know that everyone's experience of the community is different. There are many barriers that prevent people from participating fully in community life and as a Council we take direct action to build a more inclusive and equitable city.

Hobart: A city for all

In direct response to all that we have heard from our community, we see the following eight factors as important as we work towards a city for all:

  • TRUTH - We acknowledge the truth of our history in this place
  • RECONCILIATION - We walk together with Aboriginal people toward shared goals
  • PARTICIPATION - Everyone feels welcome, valued and heard and has opportunities to participate
  • ACCESS - Everyone can get where they want to go with ease and can access the information they need
  • WELLBEING - Spaces, services and communities support physical and mental wellbeing
  • KNOWLEDGE - Everyone has opportunities to engage in learning and has the capacity and skills to influence change
  • SAFETY - Everyone feels safe and secure and can meet their basic needs
  • RESILIENCE - Everyone supports each other and is prepared for crises

At the City of Hobart, creating an equitable and inclusive community is a core part of our work. We deliver on these priorities through a variety of projects, initiatives and partnerships. This work is outlined in a range of strategies and plans across the organisation.

Community inclusion and equity

Hobart: A city for all(PDF, 1MB), the City of Hobart's Community Inclusion and Equity Framework, outlines the City's role in creating a city for all and provides a framework for action.

The Social Inclusion Policy(PDF, 76KB) outlines the organisation's commitment to inclusion and anti-discrimination in all aspects of council operations.

Our suite of Community Commitments outline the actions and deliverables for much of this work:

For more information about the work the City of Hobart is undertaking to build a more inclusive and equitable city, contact or call 03 6238 2711.