Towaway zones

Don't Get Towed

Vehicles parked in clearways on streets managed by the City of Hobart will be fined and may be towed away.

A clearway is a section of road where parking and stopping is not allowed at the times shown on the clearway sign.

Clearways provide another lane to keep traffic moving during peak periods.

Vehicles stopped in clearways impact the flow of traffic and safety of other road users by blockaging the flow of traffic. Removing vehicles illegally stopped in these zones will help traffic move safely and efficiently, especially during the busiest times of day.

  • Vehicles towed will be charged a towing fee on top of the cost of the fine.
  •  Check the sign before you leave your car and make sure you don't overstay.
  •  Off street parking is available nearby in the Dunn Place and Argyle Street car parks.

Clearways managed by the City of Hobart

Campbell Street

From April 2024, a clearway will be in operation between Collins and Davey streets from 4 – 6 pm.

Bathurst Street

From May 2024, a clearway will be in operation between Campbell and Argyle streets from 4 – 6 pm.


When will the clearways be in place?

A clearway will be in place on Campbell Street from April 2024 and on Bathurst Street from May 2024. Signage will be in place to advise when they are in operation.


When can’t I park in the new clearways?

The new clearways will operate from 4 pm to 6 pm Monday to Friday. Parking signs will clearly display this information. Clearway times will also be displayed on parking meters and the EasyPark app.

Additional signage will also be installed around the new clearway areas to help people adjust to the parking changes.


Will I get fined for parking in a clearway?

Yes. If you park in a clearway you will receive a parking infringement notice. The current fine for parking in a clearway zone is $146.25. 

Why are vehicles towed away?

Clearways are designed to help keep vehicles moving during peak traffic times by creating more road space. If vehicles are parked in clearways during heavy traffic conditions they can slow the flow of vehicles and impact all road users.

What should I do if my vehicle is towed?

If your vehicle is towed away from the new clearway on Campbell Street you will need to retrieve it from Dunn Place car park at 3 Davey Street, Hobart.

Where will my vehicle be towed to?

Your vehicle will be towed to the Dunn Place car park, 3 Davey Street, Hobart. This open air car park is next to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and bounded by Campbell, Macquarie and Davey streets. View the car park on Google Maps.


How long do I have to retrieve my vehicle?

If you have not retrieved your vehicle from the Dunn Place car park by the day after it is towed from the clearway zone you may be issued an additional parking infringement. Parking fees apply to vehicles parked in Dunn Place between 8 am and 8 pm.


What will it cost to get my vehicle back?

The current fee to recover a towed vehicle is $382.62. You may be mailed an invoice for this fee. A parking fine will also be applicable. The current fine for stopping in a clearway zone is $146.25.


What if I can’t afford to pay the fee?

Tasmania’s road regulations do not consider the financial situation of road users. If a driver complies with parking signage and road rules this will not be an issue.

What should I do If I believe my vehicle should not have been towed?

Vehicles will only be towed if they are in violation of clearway signage. If you believe your vehicle has been unfairly towed you can request a review of your parking fine and towage fee through the City of Hobart website under the parking fines section.


Why am I being fined when I have paid the fee to retrieve my towed vehicle?

Under Tasmania’s traffic regulations and road rules it is an offence to stop in a clearway.

A traffic infringement notice - parking fine - will be issued if a vehicle is stopped in a clearway.

The costs incurred by the City of Hobart for removing a vehicle from a clearway are a separate matter to traffic infringement notices, and so additional fees apply for the retrieval of your vehicle. Leaving a vehicle in a clearway impacts all road users by slowing down traffic flow.

Please read all parking signs carefully and obey all parking restrictions.