Bicycle parking

Bicycle parking

The City of Hobart provides a range bicycle parking facilities across the CBD to help create safe and secure parking for cyclists.

These facilities include bike hoops, pole vaults, secure bike wall anchors called "smilies" and bicycle boxes.

The Argyle Street bike cage is undergoing a refresh, and will soon re-open with improved parking for bicycles.

We will continue to expand bicycle parking facilities in Hobart.

If there is a location in Hobart you think is ideal for more bicycle parking please email City Mobility -

Bike storage lockers

Specially-designed bike storage lockers have been installed across the Hobart CBD to increase the amount of secure bike parking available for cyclists.

There are four bike storage lockers just off Sun Street in Wapping, another four at Hobart Central Car Park between the public toilets and the baby changing facility.

There are three more bicycle storage lockers in the Argyle Street Car Park.

To use the lockers you will need to bring your own locking device. Terms and conditions apply, see further information on this page.

Bicycle storage cages

These cages in the Argyle Street and Salamanca Square car parking facilities are accessible to registered riders. There are space limitations in both facilities.

The Argyle Street facility has charging points for e-bikes. Please contact the cashier at the Argyle Street car park for an application form. Photo ID is required.

Securing your ride - terms and conditions

Please note that your own locking device is required to secure your bike to or within City of Hobart bicycle parking facilities, including bike storage lockers, bike cages and bike hoops.

If using our bike storage lockers or bike cages you are deemed to have agreed to the following conditions:

  • The City of Hobart does not accept any liability for theft, loss or damages to any item stored in these cages or bike lockers.
  • The bike lockers are free for short term storage to encourage the use of healthy and sustainable transport options. If you need to use lockers in Hobart Central or Argyle Street car parks for more than 24 hours please speak with car park cashier for authorisation.

The City reserves the right to remove any items including, but not limited to, bikes from cages or bike lockers at its discretion. Removed goods will be delivered to Tasmania Police and the owner of the goods is responsible for the associated recovery costs.

Bike cages and storage lockers on City of Hobart property may be under 24 hour CCTV camera surveillance.