Collins Court Stage 2

Collins Court octopus

Collins Court is a pedestrianised laneway between Collins Street and Trafalgar Place, with access through to St David's Cathedral and Macquarie Street.

The laneway was upgraded during a first stage of works in 2015. New seating, improved paving and a 'golden' architectural frame that acts as a lighting structure, created an attractive and comfortable place for people to rest. It has encouraged increased pedestrian access and visitation, which has seen a reduction in antisocial behaviour and vandalism.

The City has been consulting with stakeholders and working on designs for the second stage of improvements. The proposed design aims to reinforce Collins Court as an attractive multi-use space, while improving pedestrian connectivity, and providing a new 'playful' destination for parents and children visiting the city centre.

A sculptural octopus has been designed by leading civic sculptor, Ben Gilbert of Agency of Sculpture, which will be a draw card for families to rest and play while visiting the city.


The proposed redevelopment designs to enhance Collins Court include the installation of:

  • an all-abilities access ramp and stairs to connect Collins Court to the St David's Cathedral car park, part of which is proposed to be permanently licensed to the Council, with minor works designed to improve pedestrian flow through the car park itself
  • a playful sculptural octopus element designed by one of Australia's leading artist that is both visually appealing and a fully interactive and safe play space
  • an improved range of seating, both formal and informal throughout Collins Court
  • preservation of the heritage wall that stands on the boundary between Collins Court and the Cathedral car park. A structural frame will be designed to make sure the wall continues to be stable
  • surface and lighting improvements designed to re-focus the perception of the southern end of Trafalgar Place into a public space area
  • new signage within the surrounding area to improve wayfinding through the space and the wider block.

The Council endorsed the proposed final design for final stakeholder and wider community consultation in November 2020. The project was open for public feedback in early 2021.

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Collins Court octopus

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