Animal problems and concerns

We deal with various animal-related complaints, but most involve dogs and are guided by the Dog Control Act 2000.

Roaming dogs

Dog owners may be fined if their dogs roam the streets on their own. 

If you have a problem with dogs roaming in your neighbourhood you can complete and submit the Animal Management request

Barking dogs

All dogs bark as it is their main form of communication, but if you believe it is happening more often and more loudly than is reasonable, our officers may be able to assist. In some cases the owner may not realise that the barking is causing a problem, particularly if it is happening when they are not home. If you have a problem with a barking dog in your area you can complete and submit the Dog barking investigation request.

Once we receive a request there are several stages involved in dealing with barking problems. 

Stage 1

A letter is sent to the dog owner stating when the barking is occurring, providing them with advice and measures to reduce the dogs barking, the legal responsibilities of dog owners and the penalties involved for continued barking. 

Stage 2

One of our animal management officers will visit the dog owner to discuss ways to stop the dog from barking, such as dog behavioural training. 

Stage 3

If there has been no improvement, the complainant can submit a Dog barking formal investigation request. This attracts a $75 fee, which is refunded if the matter is proven. Once this request is received, we will conduct a 5-6 week investigation and decide if penalties will be imposed for nuisance barking. 

Dog attacks

If a dog attacks or chases any person or animal the owner of the dog is guilty of an offence. 

If you have been involved in an incident with an aggressive dog and want to let us know you can complete and submit the Dog attack investigation request.

Dangerous dogs

Any dog that has caused serious injury to a person or other animal, or is likely to cause serious injury, may be declared a dangerous dog. 

The City of Hobart makes the final decision and will consider all evidence before declaring a dog to be dangerous. The dog owner has the right to appeal the declaration within 14 days of the notice being served. 

All dogs used to guard non-residential premises are declared dangerous. 

Dog faeces

Dog owners are required to pick up their dog's droppings, if they don't they can be fined.  

If you have issues with dog owners not picking up after their dog in your area, you can let us know by completing and submitting the Animal Management request.

Problems and concerns

For any other animal related problems you may have that are not listed above, you can let us know by completing and submitting the Animal Management request.

Alternatively you can contact us in one of the following ways:

  • email:
  • telephone: 03 6238 2711
  • in writing: to the General Manager, City of Hobart, GPO Box 503, Hobart 7001
  • in person: Customer Service Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart

Please find the printable versions of the online forms below, if you prefer to print and submit the forms at a later date using one of the methods outlined above.