Live recordings of Council meetings

Click on the link below. You can download a copy of the Council agenda here: Council and Committee meeting minutes and agendas


Audio recordings

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If your PC, tablet or smart phone browser does not support the web player you can use the following link to access the live stream.

Listen to Hobart Council Chambers Audio

The Council keeps recordings of its meetings for six months. You can access the audio files from the past two months’ meetings below and if you would like other recordings from the past six months please email:


The City of Hobart (‘the Council’) is committed to providing greater accessibility to the community of the content of public council meetings through recording and live streaming.  It is considered this will provide a fuller public record of proceedings that can be made available in addition to formal written minutes.

The opinions or statements made during the course of the Council meeting are those of the particular individuals, and not the opinions or statements of council. 

The information contained in the live streaming and recordings of council meetings are provided on the Council’s website on the basis that all persons accessing the streaming/recording undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance, completeness and accuracy of its content.   The Council does not accept any responsibility for the comments made or information provided during council meetings and does not warrant nor represent that the material or statements made during the streamed meetings are complete, reliable, accurate or free from error.   The Council does not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense you might incur as a result of the viewing, use or reliance of information or statements provided in the live streaming/recording of Council meetings.   

The Council does not necessarily endorse or support the views, opinions, standards or information contained in the live streaming/recording of the council meetings. In the event that you are offended or consider material/statements made during a council meeting and provided on this site are inappropriate, offence or in breach of any law, you are entitled to contact the Council who will then investigate the complaint and take such action as it thinks fit.