PlanBuild Tasmania project is a State Government initiative, delivering an easy-to-use portal for the state-wide management and streamlining of planning, building, and plumbing applications.

City of Hobart are switching from our current Development Portal to PlanBuild Tasmania Application Services.

PlanBuild Tasmania Application Services will allow Tasmanians to submit, track and respond to requests as part of the overarching development approval process. This represents a significant move forward to deliver a single point of access for people involved in this space, including developers, property owners, community members, industry professionals and authorities who assess and approve the applications.

We are excited that Hobart will be the first local government area to embrace PlanBuild Application Services, aligning with TasWater and Heritage Tasmania in adopting this new development portal from the outset.

Over the coming weeks we will provide updates, including information about getting started with PlanBuild Application Services and resources available for users of the portal.

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PlanBuild Tasmania

Enquiry function

The PlanBuild Enquiry Service is now live. You can access this function from the PlanBuild website.

The Enquiry service allows anyone to enter an address in the portal to see what planning zones and codes apply to a property. A Property Report can be generated which includes maps, details of the planning zone, codes and other information that affect the selected property.

This is not a complete answer to all planning issues for the City of Hobart. In particular, it does not show which properties are listed as heritage places and have special protection under the heritage provisions of the planning scheme, and it also does not show stormwater assets, or flood zones.

For further information, you can submit an enquiry for us to answer through PlanBuild, or call our duty planner during business hours 8.15 am to 5.15 pm by calling 03 6238 2711 or by emailing