Place of assembly licences

Place of assembly licences

A place of assembly is required for any mass outdoor public event. This means an event with over 1000 people for 2 hours or more. It may be any performance, exhibition, circus, festival, food festival, pageant, regatta, sports event, dance or publicly advertised lecture.

If you are planning to operate an event of that size and nature, or you are planning to lease a property as a place of assembly, you need to apply for a place of assembly licence.

You can apply for a place of licence by completing the online form:

Apply online

A printable form is available on our forms page.

For further information, including other considerations when planning an event please refer to the information sheet(PDF, 240KB).

Smoke free public events

The Director of Public Health has the authority to designate classes of public events as smoke-free. A list of these events can be found on the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) website.

If your event is smoke free you can also find a range of resources including signage and a smoke-free event management plan template at the DHHS website.

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