Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood Plans

A Neighbourhood Plan is a guide for how a local area should develop and improve over time.

The City of Hobart's Neighbourhood Plans look forward 20 years. They plan for future population growth and community needs.

Neighbourhood Plans are also known as Structure Plans.

What do Neighbourhood Plans do?

Neighbourhood Plans have real impacts. They identify how land could be developed and provide a framework to guide Council on delivering liveable communities.

They influence major changes and investment in things like:

  • how land is used
  • planning controls (rules and guidelines that shape how land and buildings are developed)
  • future housing needs
  • open space and greening, such as parks and tree canopies
  • streets and public spaces
  • infrastructure and services
  • roads and transport links (including walking and cycling).

Why are they important?

Hobart's population is growing, and Neighbourhood Plans help direct this growth in sustainable ways that harness what is good about an area. They do this by:

  • establishing a shared community vision
  • providing certainty and confidence to local communities, developers, and government agencies about the direction of specific areas and what sort of development could be allowed
  • ensuring the economic and social health of an area by making sure they have the services and infrastructure they need
  • managing change by guiding it in positive directions for the whole community, rather than just letting things happen
  • making the best use of limited resources by understanding what the infrastructure priorities are for a particular community to support the growing population.

How are Neighbourhood Plans created?

Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan involves:

  • working with experts
  • collecting data
  • learning from the community.

We will develop the plans over three main stages and we will be seeking input from the community at each step. The main stages are:

  • Discussion paper – to get the community thinking and talking about the future of their neighbourhood
  • Draft Neighbourhood Plan – based on data, research and feedback received from the Discussion Paper community consultation and stakeholder engagement
  • Final Neighbourhood Plan – updated based on community feedback on the draft plan and presented to Council for approval.

City of Hobart Neighbourhood Plans under development

Central Hobart Plan

North Hobart Neighbourhood Plan

Mount Nelson and Sandy Bay Neighbourhood Plan

Coming soon

Inner North-East Neighbourhood Plan