Bushland reserves

Knocklofty Reserve

The City of Hobart manages 4600 hectares of diverse native bushland that envelopes Hobart in a series of connected, protected nature reserves.

Within these bushland reserves, we manage and maintain over 250km of tracks.

Near the city's northern boundary is Cornelian Bay, and then closer in, Queens Domain. To the south is Lambert Gully, Waterworks Reserve, Ridgeway and Bicentennial parks. In the foothills overlooking the city lies Knocklofty Reserve, and towering far above Hobart is the largest of our reserves, Wellington Park.

Each area has its own unique values. Knocklofty Reserve, for example, protects a large area of pre-European, old growth white gums, an extremely rare natural commodity in a landscape that has changed dramatically over the past 200 years.

These areas are the stronghold for the city's biodiversity and encompass entire ecosystems, geological and hydrological features, and the lifeforms that are part of them, including native trees and shrubs, grasses, wildlife, leaf litter, soils and seed beds.

Please note: the City of Hobart closes bushland reserves to keep people safe when the Fire Danger Rating is Extreme or Catastrophic. For more information visit the bushland reserves closed on days of elevated fire danger page.

Use our find a park or reserve page to explore an area near you.

Hobart's bushland reserves



The City's Bushcare program provides an opportunity for the community to work with us to make Hobart's bushland a better place.

Local volunteer Bushcare groups help to manage environmental weeds, monitoring wildlife and restoring degraded habitats.

Joining Bushcare is a great way to meet people, be part of something meaningful and learn about the native plants and animals that live in Hobart's bushland reserves. So why not get involved?


Bush Adventures

Bush Adventures

The Bush Adventures program offers unique and engaging nature-based activities for people of all ages, from two-year-olds to adults.

On offer year-round, the program promotes the use, enjoyment, and appreciation of Hobart's natural environments, from the mountain to the river.

With activities for children of all ages, families and adults, Bush Adventures is a great way to connect with your local environment.

Learn about the native creatures who call Hobart home, and enjoy the multitude of benefits spending time in nature gives.

Bush Adventures