Children's Lord Mayor


Inaugurated in 2021, the Hobart Children's Mayor Program aims to encourage democratic awareness among primary school students, supporting greater understanding of local government, the democratic process and the role of elected representatives.

The program invites primary and infant school children within Hobart to submit an idea they believe would make Hobart a better place to live - for children and the broader community.

Students from the Hobart municipality are encouraged to participate in the program by developing a short manifesto about how they would make Hobart a better city for children, starting with the line:

If I was Children's Mayor of Hobart I would…"

The winning students will have the opportunity to participate in a small number of official duties alongside the Lord Mayor and/or their delegate.

Key Dates 

  • April / May 2024: Information packs distributed to schools.
  • June – August 2024: School promotes opportunity to students via classroom activities, assembly, newsletter or other options.
  • Early September 2024: School runs own process to select up to ten of its’ best ‘manifesto’ / nominees.
  • 13 September 2024: Children’s Mayor Program submissions close.
  • 23 October 2024: Children’s Week Reception (all Hobart schools welcome).
  • November 2024: Afternoon as Children’s Mayor, followed by Council Meeting / AGM to present manifesto (Children’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor only). 

If you would like your school to get involved or find out more information about this year’s program, please email us at:

Children's Week

Delegates from every primary school in Hobart are invited to attend the Lord Mayor's Reception for Children's Week in October at the Hobart Town Hall. Each school's selected students are invited to present their manifesto during the reception before the announcement of the winning students.

The Children's Mayor and Deputy Mayor are then invited to spend time with the Lord Mayor, attending meetings with City of Hobart officers relating to their area of interest, followed by a presentation of their ideas to the full Council.

In the 2023 edition, a panel including the Commissioner for Children and Young People, the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor, the Director of Connected City and the Manager of Community programs considered all responses and selected the Children's Mayor Olive Nielsen and Children's Deputy Mayor Bella Child on the strength of their proposals and the effort their work showed. The panel have also provided three highly commended awards.

Some of the proposals have gone on to be implemented by the City.

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