Our vision, mission and values

Vision: Hobart 2025

In 2025 Hobart will be a city that:

  • offers opportunities for all ages and a city for life
  • is recognised for its natural beauty and quality of environment
  • is well governed at a regional and community level
  • achieves good quality development and urban management
  • is highly accessible through efficient transport options
  • builds strong and healthy communities through diversity, participation and empathy
  • is dynamic, vibrant and culturally expressive.


    Our mission is to ensure good governance of our capital city.


    We're about people

    We value people – our community, customers and colleagues

    We're professional

    We take pride in our work

    We're enterprising

    We look for ways to create value

    We're responsive

    We're accessible and focused on service

    We're inclusive

    We respect diversity in people and ideas

    We're making a difference

    We recognise that everything we do shapes Hobart's future