Other forms

For any forms that you would like to print out and submit at a later date you can do so in one of the following ways:

  • email: coh@hobartcity.com.au
  • in writing: to the General Manager, City of Hobart, GPO Box 503, Hobart 7001
  • in person: Customer Service Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart


Online application form Printable version More information on when to use the form 
Application to review a parking fine (infringement notice) PDF(PDF, 52KB) More information
Application for a payment plan for a parking fine (infringement notice) PDF(PDF, 54KB)   More information
Notice to elect a court hearing (infringement notice) PDF(PDF, 54KB)   More information 
Right to information application  PDF(PDF, 53KB)   More information 
Submit a representation   PDF(PDF, 35KB)   More information 
Presenting a petition (available only as PDF)  PDF(PDF, 108KB)   More information 
Enrolment form (Tasmanian Local Government Elections) (available only as PDF) PDF(PDF, 62KB)   More information 
 FOGO bin application (opt in)  PDF(PDF, 39KB)  More information
 FOGO bin opt out application  PDF(PDF, 47KB)  More information
Application to install a memorial plaque  PDF(PDF, 63KB)

More information

Near Hit Report (only available as PDF)  PDF(PDF, 1MB)  More information