Public question time

Members of the community can ask questions of the Council at the start of each ordinary Council meeting in Public Question Time. This runs for 15 minutes and as many questions as possible will be heard, although there is no debate of questions and answers. Priority will be given to those who lodge their question prior to the meeting.

If a response to a question cannot be provided at the meeting, then the questioner can put it in writing and the Council will answer it at a later meeting.

The Council Chairman can also invite any member of the public at an ordinary meeting to ask questions about Council activities.

Public Question Time is conducted under the Local Government (Meeting Procedures) Regulations 2015.

Procedures and Question forms are available from:

They can be lodged at:

Members of the public are advised that no reliance should be placed on any verbal answer provided during Public Question Time, and they should seek a response in writing from the Council.


If you have any enquiries about Public Question Time phone 03 6238 2861 or email