Franklin Square wi-fi


The City of Hobart now offers a free public wi-fi service in Franklin Square.  

How to Access the Service

  • Users will find the service in their device wi-fi settings under the network (SSID) “City of Hobart Free Wi-Fi”.
  • Users will be asked to connect to the network using the Purple WiFi platform.
  • User identity and access credentials (log-on information) can be managed via a one-touch login utilising their Facebook social credentials or alternatively via email registration and creating a new account on the Purple WiFi platform.
  • Once connected users can move freely around the Square and near-surrounds, extending to the bus stops on Macquarie and Elizabeth Streets.
  • Users are capped at a 4Mbps download rate which is sufficient for video streaming or internet / video phone. 
  • The service is capable of supporting a theoretical concurrent maximum of 768 active users across the park at any one time at an average of 128 users across each of the six wireless access points. 

Service Security

  • Users who connect to the “City of Hobart Free Wi-Fi” network will be isolated from other users and therefore not identifiable on the network to others.
  • Each access point assigns a user an IP address via a secure hashing algorithm. Their session is then associated to the IP address of the access point’s network uplink for routing to the internet.
  • Users must agree with the Purple WiFi platform user and usage agreement in order to access the free WiFi.
  • Content filtering is provided and is currently configured to block pornographic and adult sites only.