Hobart Bird Walks

Hobart Bird Walks

Exploring the birdlife of our forests and coasts.

Hobart's mix of landscapes within a small geographical area has created a bird watcher's paradise.

Our bushland parks and reserves are home to alpine heathlands, forests, woodlands and calm-water coastal environments that attract and support a wide range of native birds, including eleven of the twelve species found only in Tasmania.

Within this landscape those with patience and a keen eye can spot beautiful birds such as the flame robin, pink robin, spotted pardalote and, if you are very lucky, the swift parrot or grey goshawk.

Hobart Bird Walks, a brochure produced by BirdLife Tasmania with the support of the City of Hobart, will help both established and those new to bird watching make the most out of our world of birds.

It is available for free at the City of Hobart Customer Service Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

Hobart Bird Walks(PDF, 6MB)