Hobart: A community vision for our island capital

The City of Hobart has developed a new city vision – Hobart: A community vision for our island capital. The document will set the City's ten-year Strategic Plan and will be used as the basis for all activities and decisions for years to come.

Hobart: A community vision for our island capital(PDF, 3MB)

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Why and how was the Vision created?

As a lot has changed in Hobart since the last vision was created in 2006, the City of Hobart wanted to engage with Hobart residents, students, workers, businesses and visitors to hear about what this place means to people and better understand the issues we face as a city. Although the project was facilitated by the City of Hobart, it has the whole Hobart metropolitan region in mind.

Between September 2017 and June 2018, the City of Hobart officers and a team of communications and engagement specialists under the banner of The20 undertook a significant research, community and stakeholder engagement process to learn more about what Hobart's communities value about and aspire to for their city, and to create a new, community-led vision document to guide the City's strategic planning.

Over 1100 contributions went into the project, through 214 one-on-one interviews, a City Forum, online surveys, pop-ups, and workshops with key stakeholders and Hobart students. Participants shared what they love about Hobart, examples of Hobart at its best, what it would break their hearts to lose, and how they would like to see their city move into the future.

Their stories and examples included feeling the blast of fresh Hobart air when the aeroplane door opens, making snow angels on kunanyi / Mt Wellington, watching the Sydney to Hobart yachts arrive, and losing keys and wallets only to have them anonymously returned by strangers.

Watch a Welcome to the story of Hobart video with Todd Babiak from Story Engine speaking about the engagement process.

The below video features primary school students who participated in the Children's City Vision Workshop. Watch them sharing what they love about Hobart, their dreams for the future and what city they want to work, live and play in.

The engagement process culminated with a Community Panel, a group of 46 community members and business people from across the city. The panel used the feedback collected throughout the process, as well as information from 59 subject matter experts, to draft a vision statement and outcomes across eight pillars, or areas of focus for city life.

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The City of Hobart worked with panellists to draft the complete vision document, which includes a vision statement, written and voted on by panellists, seven identity statements and eight pillars.

Vision Statement

Hobart breathes.
Connections between nature, history, culture, businesses and each other are the heart of our city.
We are brave and caring.
We resist mediocrity and sameness.
As we grow, we remember what makes this place special.
We walk in the fresh air between all the best things in life.

Identity Statements

The identity statements are summaries of Hobart's stories, values and special qualities. These statements are built from what people said in interviews and surveys and at engagement events. They are grouped into categories that make up parts of local identity.

  1. Where we live
  2. Where we come from
  3. Who we are
  4. How we relate
  5. How we live
  6. How we work
  7. How we engage in civic life


The eight pillars represent the major parts of city life:

  1. Sense of place
  2. Community inclusion, participation and belonging
  3. Creativity and culture
  4. City economies
  5. Movement and connectivity
  6. Natural environment
  7. Built environment
  8. Governance and civic involvement

Who can the Vision be used by?

The vision can be used by anyone wishing to learn about what members of the greater Hobart community aspire to for their capital city. It outlines the essential aspects of Hobart identity, as expressed through project engagement, and community aspirations for the future. It provides a depth and breadth of information about the Hobart context that can help policymakers, community organisations, developers and more align their work with these values and aspirations.

The full text can be downloaded here: Hobart: A community vision for our island capital(PDF, 3MB)

View the Finance and Governance Committee Meeting agenda to read the accompanying reports including an overview of engagement findings. The vision is item number 6.6 on the agenda, left hand column of the page.