Elected Member Allowances and Expenses

The Local Government Act 1993  and the Local Government (General) Regulations 2015  provide for the payment of allowances and reimbursement of expenses of the office of elected members.

Specifically, the payment of the annual allowance for the office of Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and Aldermen is provided within the Local Government (General) Regulations 2015  with the quantum determined annually by the Local Government Office, Department Premier and Cabinet.

Schedule 5 of the Local Government Act 1993  allows for the reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred in the duties of office of elected members.

The following is a monthly summary of expenditure, excluding GST, for the 2017/2018 financial year commencing 1 July 2017.

The expenses shown on the attached reports are based upon when the Council pays a reimbursement to an Elected Member, not the month in which the expense are necessarily incurred.  As an example where a quarterly reimbursement is sought, there would be no costs shown on the report for two months, with the full combined costs then shown in the following month in which the claim was reimbursed.

Elected Members Expenses Report January 2019(PDF, 19KB)

Elected Member Development and Support Policy(PDF, 154KB)

Travel Register

For full details of costs incurred by Elected Members while travelling interstate and overseas on Council business, please refer to the travel register published on a quarterly basis below.  The register provides details of travel undertaken including a total cost that covers airfares, accommodation, conference registration, meals and other incidental costs associated with travel.

Please note the register includes expenditure known at the end of each reporting period, and is subject to change depending upon when reimbursement claims are submitted. 

Queries in relation to the information provided should be directed to the Manager Legal and Governance on 6238 2861 or jacksonp@hobartcity.com.au.

(PDF, 12KB)Travel Register - November 2018 - February 2019(PDF, 12KB)

Previous Elected Member expense reports

Expenses Report - February 2019(PDF, 19KB)

Expenses Report - December 2018(PDF, 18KB)

Expenses Report - November 2018(PDF, 17KB)

(PDF, 77KB)Expenses Report - October 2018(PDF, 24KB)

Expenses Report - September 2018(PDF, 77KB)

Expenses Report - August 2018(PDF, 53KB)

Expenses Report - July 2018(PDF, 48KB)

Expenses Report - June 2018(PDF, 145KB)

Expenses Report May 2018(PDF, 113KB)

Expenses Report April 2018(PDF, 105KB)

Expenses Report March 2018(PDF, 93KB)

Expenses Report February 2018(PDF, 39KB)

Expenses Report January 2018(PDF, 83KB)

Expenses Report December 2017(PDF, 77KB)

Expenses Report December 2017(PDF, 78KB)

Expenses Report November 2017v2(PDF, 72KB)

Expenses Report November 2017(PDF, 73KB)

Expenses Report November 2017(PDF, 72KB)

Expenses Report October 2017v2(PDF, 66KB)

Expenses Report October 2017 (PDF, 66KB)

Expenses Report October 2017(PDF, 66KB)

Expenses Report September 2017(PDF, 58KB)

Expenses Report September 2017(PDF, 81KB)

Expenses Report July and August 2017(PDF, 47KB)

Expenses Report July and August 2017(PDF, 48KB)  

Expenses Report June 2017(PDF, 122KB)

Expenses Report June 2017 (PDF, 129KB)

Expenses Report May 2017 (PDF, 93KB)

Expenses Report February 2017(PDF, 176KB)

Expenses Report January 2017(PDF, 80KB)

Expenses Report December 2016(PDF, 72KB)

Expenses Report November 2016(PDF, 66KB)

Expenses Report October 2016(PDF, 62KB)

Expenses Report September 2016(PDF, 53KB)

Expenses Report August 2016(PDF, 50KB)

Expenses Report July 2016(PDF, 41KB)

Expenses Report June 2016(PDF, 66KB)

Expenses Report May 2016(PDF, 66KB)

Expenses Report April 2016(PDF, 63KB)

Expenses Report March 2016(PDF, 72KB)


Previous Elected Member travel registers

(PDF, 17KB)Travel Register November and December 2018(PDF, 12KB)

Travel Register June 2018(PDF, 21KB)

Travel Register April 2018(PDF, 22KB)

Travel Register December 2017(PDF, 20KB)

Travel Register September 2017(PDF, 16KB)  

Travel Register July to August 2017(PDF, 15KB)
Travel Register June 2017(PDF, 60KB)

Travel Register June 2017(PDF, 59KB)

Travel Register March-May 2017(PDF, 55KB)

Travel Register February 2017(PDF, 51KB)

Travel Register December 2016(PDF, 49KB)

Travel Register November 2016(PDF, 48KB)

Travel Register October 2016(PDF, 41KB)

Travel Register September 2016(PDF, 40KB)

Travel Register August 2016(PDF, 38KB)

Travel Register July 2016(PDF, 35KB)

Travel Register June 2016v2(PDF, 42KB)

Travel Register June 2016(PDF, 41KB)

Travel Register May 2016(PDF, 46KB)

Travel Register April 2016v2(PDF, 66KB)

Travel Register April 2016(PDF, 66KB)