New Town Rivulet Outlet Renewal Project

  • Completion date30 November 2023
New Town Rivulet weir-2022

The City of Hobart, in partnership with Glenorchy City Council, has started the design stage of a project to renew the New Town Rivulet outfall.

This project will make the outfall a more natural, environmentally responsive site with improved public amenity. 

The project builds on a concept described in the New Town Rivulet Sediment Weir Removal Feasibility Report prepared by Dryside Engineering in October 2021, and complements the Selfs Point Masterplan (2009). 

Opportunities to re-establish wetland species to trap sediment naturally, re-establish estuarine foreshore habitat, improve site aesthetics and recreational appeal will be explored. 

The project aims to:

  • Renaturalise the rivulet by removing unsightly and degrading concrete and re-establish more natural  rivulet banks with native vegetation and habitat.
  • Stabilise historical contamination in existing sediments.
  • Provide improved access for safe sediment removal.
  • Improve the environment, amenity, recreational use and functionality of the area.

Importantly, extensive hydraulic and hydrological modelling will ensure there will be no impacts on future flood levels arising from the project.

The project consists of two distinct phases:

Stage one: Design, investigations, approvals and stakeholder relations. To be completed by December 2022.

Stage two: Construction of the approved design solution – January to November 2023.

Extensive site investigations will be conducted as part of stage one, including:

  • detailed site survey
  • geotechnical assessment of site stability
  • assessment of legacy contamination from past land management practice
  • flora and fauna assessments, including arboreal assessment of existing mature trees.

Most of the onsite investigations will take place from July to September 2022.

Stage two, the construction phase, is planned for 2023, and will involve some disruption to public access of the area. Surrounding residents and organisations will be kept informed of project developments.



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