Orange hawkweed control program

Orange hawkweed is a highly invasive alpine weed that has been found in the Fern Tree area and is the focus of a renewed push by the City of Hobart to eradicate it before the weed gets out of control.

The City is working with local residents to determine if orange hawkweed is present on their properties. If the weed is found, we will work with local residents to eradicate it.

Environmental threat 

Orange hawkweed is an aggressive European weed that poses a real threat to Tasmania’s alpine and sub-alpine habitats. It can outcompete native grasses and herbs, and eventually take over entire ecosystems.

On the mainland the weed is a scourge of the Australian Alps in both NSW and Victoria, and the focus of a major eradication program. 

However, in Tasmania orange hawkweed has been found in just two areas, the Central Highlands and Fern Tree. It is believed the weed is still present in small enough numbers that it can be eradicated.


Orange hawkweed is easiest to identify when it is in flower - January through to February. 

It’s quite a beautiful plant when in flower, its fiery red and orange petals help distinguish it from other plants and make it much easier to identify.

If you think you have orange hawkweed on your property, please contact the City of Hobart’s fire and biodiversity team on 03 6238 2886. 

You can also download our orange hawkweed fact sheet(PDF, 1MB) .