Election signage

Election signage

Election signage in the City of Hobart may or may not require planning approval, based on a number of considerations.

These conditions relate to size, style, location and timing of the election signage. Different sets of considerations apply depending on which planning scheme governs the location of the election signage.

View the planning schemes page for more information, including the map which shows where the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme applies.

Election signage in the City of Hobart doesn't require planning approval if all of the following apply.

Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015

For the area covered by the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015:

  • the area of the face of the sign is not more than 1sqm
  • the sign is only displayed between the issuing of a writ for an election and 7 days after the election
  • the sign does not encroach on any road or other public reservation
  • the affixing of the sign does not damage any historic building fabric. For example, do not drill holes into stone, brick or wood and make sure all fittings are fixed using non corrosive fittings, and in the case of masonry buildings, inserted into mortar joints
  • the sign does not contain any flashing lights, moving parts or moving or changing messages or graphics
  • the sign is only illuminated if more than 30m away from any residential use
  • the sign doesn't obscure or prevent or delay a driver from seeing a statutory sign or a tourist information sign.

Sullivans Cove Planning Scheme 1997

For the area covered by the Sullivans Cove Planning Scheme 1997 area:

  • the sign must be displayed for no longer than 30 days before the event (i.e. 30 days before the election date)
  • the sign must be removed within 7 days after the event
  • the sign must not disrupt the safe movement of pedestrians or vehicles
  • the sign must not cause damage to historic building fabric
  • the sign must not be attached to any vegetation.

Planning approval

Signs not complying with all of the above requirements for the relevant planning scheme area require planning approval.

If the signage will be displayed on an existing billboard, no further planning permission is required.

For more information on planning approval and submitting planning applications, view the planning page.

Council owned or controlled land

Election signage is prohibited on Council owned or controlled land.

Find more information in the Election Signage Policy(PDF, 90KB).