Construction management plans

Construction management plans

The City of Hobart is committed to ensuring construction works are undertaken with minimal impact and disruption to the surrounding community.

To minimise disruption to the local community, the City may require the submission of a Construction Management Plan (CMP) before works can commence. Some areas that may need to be addressed in a CMP include:

  • public safety, amenity and site security
  • construction hours
  • noise control
  • air and dust management
  • waste management
  • traffic management.

The aim of a CMP is to document the agreed construction approach on an approved development.

How do I know if a CMP is required?

If a CMP is required, it will be included as a condition in the planning permit which is granted by the City of Hobart. The condition will specify which issues the CMP is required to address.

How do I get a CMP approved?

Most CMPs will need to be submitted and approved by the City. To do so, please follow the process on the condition endorsement page.

What happens if work commences without the required CMP in place?

Under the provisions of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993, a breach of a planning permit condition can result in the City taking enforcement action, including issuing a fine through an infringement notice. It is therefore important that you comply with a requirement to submit a CMP if required to do so by a planning permit condition.

What are the restrictions on operating hours?

The Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Noise) Regulations 2016 restricts certain activities (including operating mobile machinery, a forklift truck and portable equipment) to certain times, depending on the day of the week. These restrictions apply in addition to any conditions limiting operating hours in a planning permit.

You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with the prohibited hours of equipment use to ensure that you are not in breach of those Regulations and committing an offence.

Soil and water management plans

Planning permits often include a requirement for a developer to control erosion and sediment on a development site with a soil and water management plan.

Depending on the scale and nature of the development, the permit may require that a soil and water management plan is approved by the City of Hobart prior to the commencement of construction. You can seek approval through our condition endorsement process.

For guidance on preparing a soil and water management plan, the Derwent Estuary Program has published the following fact sheets:

  1. Large building and construction sites
  2. Standard building and construction sites
  3. Management plans
  4. Dispersive soils
  5. Minimise soil disturbance
  6. Preserve vegetation
  7. Divert up-slope water
  8. Erosion control mats and blankets
  9. Protect service trenches and stockpiles
  10. Early roof drainage connection
  11. Scour protection
  12. Stabilised site access
  13. Wheel wash
  14. Sediment fences and fibre rolls
  15. Protection of stormwater pits
  16. Protected concrete, brick and tile cutting
  17. Sediment basins
  18. Dust control
  19. Site revegetation

Other approvals

In addition to a CMP, you may need other development permits and approvals.

More information

For more information about the preparation of CMPs or CMPs which have been approved by the City of Hobart for a particular development, please phone the City Planning division on 03 6238 2711.