Street cleaning

In general, suburban streets and footpaths are cleaned every 10 to 12 weeks. Streets in the city centre, Sullivans Cove, and other commercial areas are cleaned more regularly.

The City also has an autumn leaf cleaning program, which usually commences in May.

Stormwater pit cleaning

The City of Hobart has a stormwater pit cleaning program for areas where there is a history of flooding. We also have numerous gross pollutant traps within stormwater pits, which we remove rubbish from on a regular basis.

Cigarette butts

There are a large number of cigarette butt bins through Hobart's city centre and shopping precincts. The bins are cleaned on a regular basis. For a map of butt bin locations please see the City's interactive Butt Bin Location Map.

Any enquiries regarding these services can be made by phone 03 6278 0200 or email