Filming in Hobart

Film Friendly Hobart

The City of Hobart actively promotes and supports the use of the city for film and photo shoots.

The city has a Film Friendly Policy which provides further information about filming and photography in Hobart along with industry contacts, locations, support and other resources, for more information see our Film Friendly City Policy.

We are always interested to know how footage of the City is being used, and would request where appropriate any relevant credits, as well as follow up with details about when your film project is made publicly available, where and when it is being screened or broadcast, and how it is being distributed or viewed. This will allow us to promote your project to the community and staff, where appropriate, and consider other ways that distribution of your footage might be beneficial to both you and the City.

Filming/photography permits

The City of Hobart regulates filming and photography permits to ensure that activities are conducted according to our safety and amenity regulations, and minimising interruptions to residents and businesses.

If you want to use a street, park, mall, car park, roadway, cycleway, or other public area within the Hobart municipal area, a permit is required to film or take photos of a commercial nature.

A permit is not required if you are filming on private property.

Some public areas of the City fall under the jurisdiction of other authorities. City of Hobart approvals do not cover use of land included as part of the TasPorts waterfront (i.e. Sullivan's Cove, Constitution Dock, Princes Wharf, Hunter Street) or kunanyi / Mt Wellington.

Any proposed photography or filming activity along the Hobart waterfront or kunanyi / Mt Wellington will require approval from the relevant authority. For kunanyi / Mt Wellington, the Wellington Park Management Trust can be contacted on 03 6238 2176. For the waterfront, TasPorts can be contacted on 1300 366 742. Note that there is a separate process set out by TasPorts for use of drones in the vicinity of the waterfront.

If your activity involves use of drones, be sure that you are familiar with the guidelines outlined by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and the different regulations that apply to commercial and recreational activities.

If you are unsure if you require a permit, or unsure if your location falls within the City of Hobart area, please phone 03 6238 2711.

How to apply

We require a filming permit application to be submitted a minimum of one week before filming. If your filming date(s) is within a week, please call 03 6238 2890 to check if your application can be processed at short notice.

You can apply for a permit by completing the application to conduct commercial filming and photography form online.

Apply online

A printable form is available on our forms page.


There are two levels of commercial filming fees - full day, and half or part day.

We also offer a low impact fee for filming permits that meet the following criteria:

  • The filming activity production crew is no more than 6 people (including cast/talent)
  • The equipment used must be not more than one camera, one tripod and one handheld sound recording equipment
  • Cause no interruption to pedestrians or vehicular traffic
  • No pedestrian or traffic management is required
  • No vehicle access to a location is required
  • No more than one park location is requested

The fees can be found on our fees and charges page.

03 6238 2711

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