2024 State Election Priorities

The City of Hobart will be writing to all candidates standing for the seat of Clark to outline a number of key priorities for which it is seeking support in the upcoming state election.

The City of Hobart plays a pivotal role in servicing the needs of Tasmania's capital city and we are well placed to identify issues and opportunities to progress economically, socially and environmentally sustainable services and infrastructure that can benefit both the city and Tasmania more broadly.

City of Hobart's Advocacy Priorities

City of Hobart Advocacy Priorities 2023-24(PDF, 9MB)

All responses will be available to view below when they are received.

Summary of responses received

Advocacy Priority Liberal Labor* Greens Sue Hickey Kristie Johnston


? ?

Antarctic and science sectors

? ?

Climate action

? ?

Community sports facilities

? ?

Visitor destination and gateway

? ?

Transport options

? ?

Additional columns will be added for responses received from parties and independent candidates not currently displayed.

*See the Tasmanian Labor response below for a list of commitments.


– Full support
? – Partial support
? – Specific commitment not provided
– Not supported

Responses received

Independent - Sue Hickey(PDF, 162KB)

Tasmanian Greens(PDF, 960KB)

Tasmanian Labor(PDF, 660KB)