Pinnacle Road guardrail

Pinnacle Road guardrail

The City of Hobart has started work on the next section of the Pinnacle Road Guard Rail project on kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

These roadworks are part of a major project to replace aging road safety infrastructure on higher elevations of the mountain that were installed in the 1930s.

Initial roadworks started in early August and will continue until December 14.

Roadworks will recommence at the start of February and are expected to be completed by the end of May 2024.

There are no plans to work on this section of Pinnacle Road during the December and January holiday period.

Safety first

The roadworks will take place on a 1.5km section of Pinnacle Road between the Big Bend car park and the summit area and will initially involve removing aging barrier infrastructure and installing posts.

People's safety is our number one priority on this project, and so one lane of this road section will be closed during roadworks - both during the week and on weekends.

Traffic management will be in place but visitors can expect short delays if travelling from The Springs to the summit car park.

The existing posts and ropes have been in place since the road was built as a state government project in response to the high unemployment caused by the Great Depression.

The old posts and guide ropes are being replaced with new galvanised barriers.

All required environmental and heritage assessments have been approved for these roadworks.

Project stages

Stage 1 - October 2021

During October and November 2021, 1.5km of guardrail was replaced, from The Springs to the Lower Sawmill trail head.

Stage 2 - March 2022

The second stage of the Pinnacle Road guardrail replacement occurred during March and April 2022.

Stage 3 - August 2023 to March 2024

The third stage of the Pinnacle Road guardrail replacement project will focus on the section of road from Big Bend car park to the summit, and carried out in August, September and October, and completed by March 2024.

Project map

Map showing guard rail replacement staged works.



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