Sister Cities

Yaizu delegation visit

City of Hobart currently has two Sister City relationships and is looking to expand its international partnerships.

Yaizu, Japan

Hobart has been the sister city of Yaizu since 1977 which means we are coming up to nearly 50 years of friendship. This is significant and we are very proud of this.

Our sister city relationship was founded on personal connections but also our fishing industries, and over the years it has gone from strength to strength.

We have participated in student exchanges between our two cities for more than 20 years and our relationship is now heavily grounded in our commitment to education and our young people.

Hobart celebrates Japanese Children's Day each year to highlight this, and our celebrations are highly engaging and bring much joy.

The relationship between Yaizu and Hobart has regularly enjoyed reciprocal delegations of businesses and city officials.

The relationship is supported in both cities by Sister City Committees. The Hobart-Yaizu Sister City Committee meets regularly.

What's on

Yurikamome Children's Choir

Yurikamome Children's Choir

City of Hobart is being supported by the Australia Japan Foundation to bring Yaizu's acclaimed Yurikamome Children's Choir to Hobart to perform.

Together with Hobart's chamber orchestra, Van Diemen Band and Hobart school students from Mount Carmel College, they will perform a compellingly beautiful lunch box concert at Hobart Town Hall.

Performers and the audience can engage in the universal language of music while appreciating each other's unique musical and cultural expressions.

Tickets on sale at:

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Past events

Japanese Children's Day 2024

Japanese Children's Day 2024

City of Hobart celebrated Japanese Children's Day on Saturday 5 May at the Waterside Pavilion.

The event was an absolute success, showcasing our strong community links to Yaizu and our appreciation for Japanese culture here in Hobart.

At our event children had the opportunity to dress in yukata, try their hand at calligraphy and origami, make traditional Japanese treats or playing the taiko drums. There were also performances throughout the day by the taiko drummers, samurai and ninja demonstrations and a traditional tea ceremony.

The highlight ofcourse was our special guest Yai Chan, the adorable city mascot of Yaizu.

The national Japanese holiday 'Kodomo no hi' – Children's Day is about encouraging children to be strong and resilient and wishing them health and happiness.

Japanese Children's Day 2024 gallery

Yaizu delegation visit 2023

Yaizu delegation visit

A delegation, led by Yaizu Mayor, Hiromichi Nakano, visited Hobart from 22 – 24 November. The delegation was welcomed to the city with a Traditional Tea Ceremony at Town Hall.

During the ceremony our dear friends gifted us something very special, our own official city mascot costume. Mayor Nakano advised that 'Yai Chan' was currently being made for us and he would be arriving in early in 2024.

The delegation visited many other places while they were here including the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens to see the Japanese Garden which was designed by a Yaizu landscape architect in the 80s. Here they shared lunch and presentations with education stakeholders to showcase their world class 'Children's Hall'. They visited students from Mount Carmel College who hosted students from Yaizu earlier in the year and toured our Youth Arc centre and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. City Officers made presentations to them on a range of topics including Governance, Community, Arts and Culture, City Economy, Bush Fire Resilience and how we approach Climate Change.

They also visited IMAS and heard about our research on kelp and urchins and then toured the facilities. They were then hosted for dinner by our Lord Mayor to conclude their official program and thank them for visiting us. On their non-official day, the group enjoyed travelling to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to meet some furry locals.

During the visit many new areas which we could work on together were discussed and more practical exchanges of knowledge and people and business engagement was planned. Our 2024 engagement program will reflect this.

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Yaizu student exchange 2023

Student exchange

After a pause during covid, we were pleased to welcome a group of students from Yaizu City back to Hobart. Students were hosted by students and their families from Mount Carmel College, Hobart College, and Sacred Heart College.

Students got to experience the city and school life while they were here and formed lifelong bonds with their hosts expanding their word views.

Exchanges between Yaizu and Hobart students have been occurring for more than 20 years with support from local high schools and colleges and it is highly regarded opportunity.

Student exchange gallery

Japanese Children's Day 2023

Japanese Children's Day 2023

Japanese Children's Day celebration in 2023 involved a display of school students' hand-crafted carp streamers in the Japanese Garden at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden, a Japanese-themed drop in session at the City's Youth Arc and pop up activities at Wellington Court in the CBD.

We celebrate Japanese Children's Day in Hobart in recognition of our sister city connection with Yaizu and also the value both cities place on the wellbeing and education of our young people.

Japanese Children's Day 2023 gallery

Meeting Yaizu Mayor in Tokyo 2023

Meeting Yaizu Mayor in Tokyo 2023

In March 2023 City of Hobart representatives joined a Premier led delegation of government, business and industry leaders to South Korea and Japan.

City of Hobart's participation centred around several of its strategic objectives including growing our global profile, fostering international partnerships to increase Hobart's Antarctic Gateway capabilities and unlocking opportunities for trade and investment at a city-to-city level, aligned to our investment attraction activities.

While in Tokyo, City of Hobart had the opportunity to spend the day meeting Yaizu's Mayor and other city officials and officers. The face-to-face meeting allowed both cities to re-familiarise themselves with each other after many years of virtual engagement imposed by the covid pandemic, re-affirm their commitment to the relationship and set the scene for a highly successful visit by Mayor Nakano later in the year.

L'Aquila, Italy

LAquila, Italy

Hobart has had a sister city relationship with L'Aquila since 1998 and we celebrated 25 years of friendship in 2022.The relationship has strong ties with Hobart's Abruzzese Association.

In May 2024, a new Hobart-L'Aquila Sister City Committee was formed, and they are currently working on revitalising people-to-people links and projects of value for both cities.