Sister Cities

Yaizu delegation visit

City of Hobart currently has two Sister City relationships and is looking to expand this.

Yaizu, Japan

Hobart has been the sister city of Yaizu since 1977 which means we are coming up to nearly 50 years of friendship. This is significant and we are very proud of this.

Our sister city relationship was founded on personal connections but also our fishing industries, and over the years it has gone from strength to strength.

We have participated in a student exchange between our two cities for more than 20 years and our relationship is now heavily grounded in our commitment to education and our young people.

Hobart celebrates Japanese Children's Day each year to highlight this, and our celebrations are highly engaging and bring much joy.

The relationship between Yaizu and Hobart has regularly enjoyed reciprocal delegations of businesses and city officials.

The relationship is supported in both cities by Sister City Committees. The Hobart-Yaizu Sister City Committee meets regularly.

L'Aquila, Italy

Hobart has had a sister city relationship with L'Aquila since 1998 and we celebrated 25 years of friendship last year and has strong ties with Hobart's Abruzzese Association.