North Hobart Precinct Place Vision, Access and Parking Plan

The iconic North Hobart Retail and Entertainment Precinct along Elizabeth Street, between Burnett Street and Federal Street, is one of Hobart’s most popular destinations. The Precinct’s growing night and day-time activity has brought with it a range of issues, most notably parking, access and general amenity for traders, visitors and local residents.

In response to this, the City of Hobart is developing an integrated Place Vision and an Access and Parking Plan to guide the future delivery of better public amenity, access and parking in the Elizabeth Street retail and restaurant strip.

Place-making specialists Village Well and sustainable transport planners MRCagney were engaged by City of Hobart for this project. Both firms are industry leaders in their respective fields and have specific expertise in main street renewal and integrated traffic planning.

The project has explored the following three areas:

Place Vision

The Place Vision will explore the community’s aspirations for the main street precinct, including access, parking and street vitality. The Vision will be based on the views of customers and visitors, as well as residents and traders and on current local conditions, patterns and issues.

Access and Parking Plan

Car parking will be a priority of this project, with a focus on the Condell Place car park. This Plan will look at:

  • public transport services in the area
  • taxi and ride-share services (including food delivery)
  • bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and connections, including parking and pathways, and the general ‘walkability’ of the area
  • on-street and off-street car parking (both public and private) and possible changes to current parking arrangements.

Condell Place car park

Informed by the Vision phase and the parking and movement work, Village Well and MRCagney will make recommendations on the future Condell Place car park.

For more information, and to register for updates about this project, visit the Your Say Hobart website.