Issues and investigations

Stormwater issues and investigations

The township of Hobart is more than 200 years old and the installation of stormwater infrastructure is relatively recent, so some parts of the city have limited or no infrastructure. This can lead to properties and roads being subject to inundation (flooding) or water-related nuisances.

Many properties discharge stormwater from roofs onto the ground or into sewer pipes. This may cause problems for neighbouring properties and the sewer network. Stormwater in the sewer network may cause sewer overflows onto roads and private properties during heavy rainfall. Where properties discharge onto the ground, downhill properties can be flooded.

Problems with the stormwater system generally appear during and immediately after rain. If there has been no rain in the preceding 72 hours it is unlikely to be a stormwater related issue.

To report any faults or emergencies with the water main and sewerage systems, or if you have any general queries relating to these systems, please contact TasWater on 13 6992 or email

Bursts, leaks and blockages

Any problems with the City of Hobart's stormwater systems, such as leaks from overflowing manholes or pipe blockages, should be reported as soon as possible by phoning 03 6238 2711.


The City of Hobart will investigate if:

  • areas outside of buildings are consistently wet or damp or are affected by slow running water
  • stormwater runoff from a nearby property is impacting your property
  • the public stormwater system is routinely inadequate and causing issues at your property
  • there is polluted runoff from a construction site
  • there has been any dumping of materials, pollutants or contaminated runoff into a waterway or any other part of the public stormwater system.

To request an investigation, please telephone 03 6238 2711 or email

In situations where problems are determined to be caused by damaged private plumbing the owner of the building will need to contact a registered plumber to make repairs.

Private infrastructure

If there is a problem on private property, such as overflows from grated fittings around the building, or blockages in your pipes or driveway crossover, you will need to contact a registered plumber to investigate.

Remember that the opening under your driveway where it meets the road outside your property is your responsibility to maintain and keep clear of leaves and debris.

Ground water

Ground water is water in the soil below the surface of the ground. There is ground water in almost all soil although in some places it may be more than others, or closer to the surface. After very heavy rainfall, increased ground water may result in puddles or ponding on the surface, and can even appear as though a pipe may have burst.

Ground water occurs naturally and cannot be prevented by the City. If ground water is causing an issue at your property, you could consider:

  • installation of subsoil drains by a licensed plumber
  • waterproofing of basement and subfloor levels by a licensed builder.

Emergency flooding

In a life threatening emergency call Triple Zero, 000, immediately.

For general help in a flood or storm call the SES on 132 500.

If flood damage to your property has occurred:

  • contact your landlord if you are renting
  • contact your insurance provider if you are a homeowner.

Contact the City of Hobart to report damages to publicly owned stormwater assets, such as leaks from overflowing inspection openings, pipe blockages, or open waterway blockages on 03 6238 2711.