Backyard burning

Backyard burning affects our air quality, so the state government has regulations to reduce it. It is not against the law to burn off to reduce fire hazards on large properties (over 2000 m2), but you cannot burn rubbish, plastics and other hazardous substances.

Burning off in your backyard – in the open or using an incinerator – is against the law if your block is smaller than 2000 square metres (m2). Most residential house lots are between 600 m2 and 1200 m2.

View more detail about the regulations:

Garden waste disposal options

 Instead of burning off, dispose of your green waste in one of the following ways:

  • private waste removal contractors
  • waste mulching and chipping contractors
  • home composting
  • compost bins
  • worm farms
  • community groups and service clubs assisting the elderly and infirm.

 Instead of burning vegetation, waste or rubbish, we urge all residents to take waste to McRobies Gully Waste Management Centre (the tip).

If neighbours are burning off in their backyards and creating a nuisance, please report it using the form below.

If the online form does not display, you can download the printable general health concern request(PDF, 41KB), and email it to

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