kunanyi/Mt Wellington Cable Car proposal

kunanyi/Mount Wellington

A Special Meeting of Council was held on 27 July to consider Mount Wellington Cableway Company's (MWCC) planning application proposing construction of a cable car and associated infrastructure on kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

At the meeting, the Council heard from 15 deputations – including the proponent – and considered a report prepared by independent external planning consultants.

A total of 16,589 representations received from members of the public were also considered by the Council, in its capacity as the Planning Authority.

The Council resolved at the meeting to refuse the application, based on 21 areas of non-compliance with the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015 and the Wellington Park Management Plan 2013.

Among the reasons for refusal were that the use was not appropriate; that impacts on residential and visual amenity and natural and geoheritage values would be unacceptable; that the stormwater solution for the pinnacle centre was inadequate; and that geotechnical risks to life and property triggered by the development had not been adequately addressed.

View the full consultants' report to Council: Agenda - Special Council 27 July 2021(PDF, 27MB)