Hobart - a sustainable capital city

Hobart - a sustainable capital city

The City of Hobart is committed to ensuring the sustainability of Hobart and its community.

Sustainable Hobart Action Plan

Sustainable Hobart Action Plan 2020 - 2025(PDF, 4MB)

For two decades, the City of Hobart has been building sustainability and climate considerations into its decision-making processes and operations. It has measured and significantly reduced its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, utilising scientific and evidence-based reasoning to set policy, identify barriers and create opportunities.

The Sustainable Action Plan 2020 - 2025, builds on the City’s sustainability effort and outlines 42 projects over the next five years. These projects have been created in response to the consultation undertaken with the Hobart community for the Community Vision document in 2018 and through the review of the Climate Change Strategy 2013.

The Action Plan directs the City’s response to a changing climate in an intelligent, localised and community-focused way. It responds to sustainability issues that impact on the social, economic and cultural well-being of our residents and fabric of our communities and businesses.

The Sustainable Hobart Action Plan aims to promote the City’s climate action leadership by putting forward a series of practical steps, developed in consultation with the community and external stakeholders, to make Hobart a more sustainable city.