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Available publications

Planning Documents

Planning Schemes can be accessed on the Planning section of this website.

The following publications are available from the Wellington Park Management Trust Website except for documents marked as 'See under Planning Studies and Reports'.

For hard copies, please contact:

Wellington Management Trust Manager
P: 03 6238 2176
F: 03 6234 9757

Wellington Park Management Trust Publications

 Name Author   Price

Wellington Park Social Values and Landscape – An Assessment

A. McConnell, 2012. Wellington Park Management Trust

Free download

Hobart Mountain Water Supply System Conservation Management Plan

Futurepast Heritage consulting 2012. City of Hobart

Free download

Design guidelines – Hobart Mountain Water Supply System

Urban Initiatives and Arterial Design, 2013, City of Hobart and Wellington Park Management Trust

Free download

Conservation Management Plan for former Exhibition Gardens, The Springs, Mount Wellington

Lee Andrews and Associates Heritage Consulting. Hobart City Council, 2006

Free download

Fire Management Strategy for Wellington Park plus Appendices

Wellington Management Trust. 2006

Free download

Mountain view: A diary of reflection (Wellington Park Papers No. 1.)

Alastair Christie-Johnson, WPMT 2008


The Springs Initial Conservation Policy

A. McConnell Wellington Park Management Trust.

Free download

Springs Zone Master Plan

City of Hobart, 2007


The mountain... a people's perspective

E. Stoddart City of Hobart/ Wellington Park Management Trust. CD available 


Wellington Park Management Plan

Wellington Management Trust, 2013

Free download


History and heritage publications

 Name Author   Price

A tranquil haven : A history of Cornelian Bay

Lindy Scripps, 2006


*Barrack Hill: A history of Anglesea Barracks 1811 - 2011

John Lennox and John Wadsley, 2011*


Growing with strength: History of Hobart City Council 1846 - 2000

Stefan Petrow & Alison Alexander, 2008


Here's cheers: a pictorial history of hotels, taverns & inns in Hobart

C.J. Dennison, 2008


*The History of the Early Water Supply of Hobart

P.G Crawford and K.A Ryan, 1988*


History of Hobart Council [Growing with strength]: 1846 - 2000

Stefan Petrow & Alison Alexander, 2008


Hobart's Tram Trilogy

David Kirby, 2008


100 Hobart Houses: 1901 - 2000

M. Morris, 2001

$49.95 soft cover

*Mountain: a perspective.
Also CD version available.*
Emily Stoddart, 2008


New Fences for Old Houses: A guide to designing a traditional fence for your home

City of Hobart, 2003


*A Pictorial Look at Hobart at War 1939 - 1945

Colin Dennison, 2008


*The Romance of Mount Wellington

John and Maria Grist, 2011


This Southern Outpost: Hobart 1846 - 1914

Clark, 1998


The Story of St David’s Park

W.H. Hudspeth, 1975


Women's Sites and Lives in Hobart

Lindy Scripps, 2000


Yesterday's Hobart Today

Colin Dennison, 2013

$69.95 hard cover

Beneath the Mountain

City of Hobart


Salamanca Market – A Short History of a Long Market

City of Hobart Hard copy $29.95

Soft copy $19.95

Municipal Magnificence

City of Hobart


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