Grant recipients


The City of Hobart is pleased to announce the recent successful recipient list from round 2 of the Community Development Grant Programs for 2017-18.

These programs are offered biannually with the next round opening in February 2018. For information on our grant programs, their guidelines and how to apply visit: Grants and funding. For information about all the grants, assistance, and benefits provided by the City of Hobart for the financial year to date, visit Grants, assistance and benefits provided by the City of Hobart

Details on the projects funded during the latest round of Community Development Grant Programs are listed on each section below.

Small Community Grants

Provides grants for community groups and non-profit organisations to develop projects or events, or specific elements of ongoing programs that foster opportunities for access and participation, and for responding to community issues and concerns.

Recipient: Cancer Council Tasmania

Project: Relay for Life

Approved funding: $5,000

Almost 110 teams will participate across a weekend to walk around the Athletics track in a 'relay style' overnight experience. This event averages approx. 2,000 participants annually who not only fundraise towards the cause, but come together to celebrate life, remember loved ones and fight back against cancer.

Recipient: The Salvation Army Bridge Program

Project: Street Teams Project

Approved funding: $1,171.51

Street Teams Project is a harm minimisation project reliant on volunteers patrolling the Salamanca Night Time Entertainment Precinct. The team operates on Friday and Saturday nights between 10:30pm and 3:00am to provide support and assistance to those who may be at risk of harm to themselves or causing harm to others.

Recipient: Hobart Language Day Committee

Project: Hobart Language Day

Approved funding: $3,665.00

Hobart Language Day provides integrational community activities that provide opportunity for everybody to participate and share their mother tongue, books, music, stories, and other cultural storytelling. This event is a good opportunity for people from all backgrounds to come together and experience different cultural languages/ traditions.

Recipient: Wide Angle Tasmania Inc.

Project: ScreenSeniors

Approved funding: $4,090.00

ScreenSeniors is a new programme of free films and discussions in Hobart tailored for those over 50. Screening monthly from February to November 2018 the program will feature films from the National Film and Sound Archive and include filmmaker discussions and meet and mingle sessions are the screenings.  

Recipient: Queer Youth of Tas

Project: Rainbow Prom

Approved funding: $3,150.00

Rainbow Prom is a safe and inclusive social prom-style event for LGBTI people aged 14-25 that allows the community to gain strength, confidence and pride together. There will be music, food, and security at this event, which recognizes many young LGBTI people may not feel comfortable attending their own school end of year social event.

Recipient: The Friends of St David's Cathedral

Project: The 50th St David's Floral Festival

Approved funding: $3,000.00

The 50th St David's Floral Festival theme is ‘Deep Roots' and focuses on bringing the community together. Floral displays are created by representatives from many church and community groups. The public are invited to visit the Cathedral to view the floral arrangements and enjoy music, which includes organ, choral and solo performances and a special Sunday afternoon concert.

Recipient: Nepali Society of Tasmania

Project: Pathsala

Approved funding: $3,000

Pathsala is a community school project that has been designed by parents and teachers with significant links in the community, and who speak both Nepali and English languages. The main focus of the project is to teach and orient children coming from Nepalese background (including those of Bhutanese refugees) about Nepali language, culture, and tradition. The project also encourages the participation of all those who are interested to learn more about Nepal, its language and culture. 

Small and Medium Creative Hobart Grants

Creative Hobart supports cultural and creative programs that encourage community participation, attract cultural tourism and make Hobart a truly wonderful place to live, work and visit.

Recipient: Second Echo Ensemble

Project: By My Hand

Approved funding: $9,000.00

Ensemble member Luke Campbell is making his directorial debut with "By My Hand". It will trace a journey through time, across water, moving like wind and fire as he fights the storm to free the bird from his heart and find his voice. "By My Hand" will be made and presented in 3 creative development stages with a showing in April; July and September.

Recipient: Salamanca Arts Centre

Project: $10,000

Approved funding: Art Rage

ArtRage is an initiative of the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG), which draws on folio work of Tasmanian Certificate of Education students. It is a unique opportunity to showcase a multi-disciplinary exhibition of young Tasmanians in the State Capital’s multi-arts centre with a gala style opening.

Recipient: Plimsoll Gallery (School of Creative Arts)

Project: Community Engagement program

Approved funding: $6,960.00

This suit of community engagement projects include Sound Klub with hands-on experimental and innovative sound workshops for children aged 10 – 16 introducing the idea of sound as an art form. There will also be an education resource to accompany the exhibition Systematic for school groups and a series of twelve hands-on workshops for the October school holiday period that focuses on the overarching themes of connectivity, rationality and the ideas of systems.

Recipient: Bell Epoch

Project: Contemporary Sound Sculptures

Approved funding: $10,000

A team of contemporary artists will design, make and temporarily install a series of sound sculptures at a public exterior site at the Queens Domain. The sculptures will be constructed of metal, wood and will resonate in the wind producing tonally textured soundscapes. These will be new sculptural sound work, unique to Hobart.

Recipient: designed; made inc

Project: designed: made showcasing 2018

Approved funding: $1,280.00  

This is a pop-up exhibition and networking event showcasing over 30 established, emerging and student designers. Work on show will include furniture, textiles, jewellery, glass, lighting, woodwork and small products. The event will start with a networking event and preview on the Friday evening and then continue over the weekend with a display open to the public.

Recipient: Amanda Ward for Common Ground

Project: Exhibition and Performance

Approved funding: $1,789.00

The project will work towards a presentation of visual art and music performances based around the theme of portraiture and/or city living. The participants will include residents of Common Ground, UTAS students, and a range of other artistic community members. This project will include weekly workshops and meetings with the residents of Common Ground to support the production of their exhibiting works.

Recipient: Van Diemen's Band Inc.

Project: Music project

Approved funding: $5,000

Attracting two international Baroque specialists, Martin Gester and Aline Zylberajch from le Parlement de Musique (Strasbourg), this project will present world-class Baroque music with international and local soloists, deliver an immersive 5-day workshop & performance for community amateur and pre-professional musicians and present three free lunch time concerts in Hobart.

Recipient: The Art Factory

Project: Hobart Ah Um

Approved funding: $4,600

Hobart Ah Um is a music and visual arts festival taking place on February 3 and 4, 2018. It will present jazz and sound-art performances; artist-run discussions and workshops; a visual art exhibition; and will commission collaborative performances between visual artists and musicians, and musical collaborations between musicians who have not previously worked together.

Medium Event Grants

The City of Hobart Event Grants Program provides grants for a range of events that provide benefits to both the local and wider community. 

Recipient: Chinese Community Association of Tasmania Inc

Project: 2018 Lunar New Year Festival

Approved funding: $19,930.00

In 2018 the festival will be celebrating the Year of the Dog, focusing on providing traditional food, entertainment, culture performances and fun. It is the largest of its kind in Tasmania with the aim to be the major Asian celebration in Tasmania in line with the Chinese New Year celebrations on mainland Chinatowns of Melbourne and Sydney. This free event welcomes families and the broad community.

Recipient: Australian Skateboarding Federation

Project: Queen of Concrete

Approved funding: $6,000

Queen of Concrete is the biggest Female only skateboarding contest in Australia. It is done in close partnership with She Shreds Australia, a local organisation from Hobart, as well as partnering with Hobart youth and Jimmy’s Skate Shop as the primary sponsor. The event aims to empower local stakeholders in being a major part of a National Key Event through supporting local organisations and business and is part of The Australian Skateboarding Federation Olympic Talent Identification program.

Recipient: Vibrance Festival

Project: Vibrance Festival 2018

Approved funding: $9,445.00

Vibrance Festival is a street art festival partnered with the HCC to commission eight local Tasmanian artists to paint one main wall on the Festival site and 3 satellite walls in the Hobart CBD. The festival includes all day music, food and beverage, installation art and skateboarding demonstrations. The Festival was initially proposed as a way of both promoting local artists and art - primarily in the street art scene; and as a way of curbing the precedential trend of local artists being overlooked to paint commissioned walls in Hobart. The festival also aims to educate the Hobart public on street and ad graffiti as a legitimate art form rather than vandalism.

Recipient: Tasmanian eco Film Festival

Project: Tasmanian eco Film Festival's Ruby Rose 30th Anniversary Celebration

Approved funding: $5,500.00

This year’s Tasmanian eco Film Festival will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Tasmanian feature film The Tale of Ruby Rose with the original cast reassemble for the first time. Fully shot in Tasmania in rural and wilderness locations, this iconic film won three awards at the prestigious Venice Film 1987 and is considered an icon of Australian cinema. The festival will consist of three film screenings at the State Cinema, a possible film screening in Bothwell and professional development workshops.

Recipient: Tasmanian Chinese Art and Communication Society

Project: 2018 Hobart Chinese Lantern Festival

Approved funding: $8,692.50

The 2018 Hobart Chinese Lantern Festival is a free community event with a variety of cultural activities and performances such as children performances, traditional Chinese musical instruments, Martial Arts, and Modern Dance. Included are the Indian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek and Tasmania Aboriginal communities as well as, DRILL: Hobart Youth’s Dance Academy and Melbourne artists to make the event truly multicultural, 

Recipient: Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Project: The 2018 TMAG Children's Festival - CREATE!

Approved funding: $13,480.00

The 2018 TMAG Children's Festival - CREATE! is a completely free six day festival in and around the Tasmanian and Museum and Art Gallery's city site. The Festival is unique in the Tasmanian event calendar as it focuses entirely on children aged 0-12 years. The Festival specializes in creating hands on participatory learning experiences and fosters a strong sense of child ownership of the program. Festival development is a key task of TMAG's permanent Children's Advisory Panel that comprises of 14 young people (8 -13 years) who steer the Festival with a professional adult programs team.

Recipient: Tasmanian Popular Culture Society (TasPop)

Project: Anime Island Festival (AICon)

Approved funding: $5,000.00

AICon is the largest festival dedicated to contemporary popular culture in Tasmania. With over 2,500 attendees, the festival brings people together to celebrate a diverse range of interests, such as; animation, manga, comic books, television shows, cinema, fashion, art, the gaming industry, and more. This year the weekend-long event at Wrest Point Convention Centre will feature its first international guests as well as independent artists, competitions across multiple art forms, film screenings, informative panels, cultural demonstrations, performances, quizzes, theatre events, trader stalls, console gaming, board games, and affiliate festival representatives.

Recipient: West Moonah Community House

Project: 2018 Wellness Expo

Approved funding: $5,000.00

The West Moonah Community House in conjunction with Australian Rotary Health is hosting a free public Wellness Expo. This event is suitable for all age groups where people can seek information or participate in the many free activities.

Recipient: Theatre Council of Tasmania (TCT)

Project: The Tasmanian Theatre Awards ('The Errols')

Approved funding: $5,000.00

The Tasmanian Theatre Awards ('The Errols') event sees the culmination of a year-long program of judging and assessment of numerous performing arts productions presented across Tasmania. The annual gala theatre awards event pays tribute to the important work of our creative sector and recognises our most talented artists during an evening of entertainment and celebration.

Local Trader Grants

The Local Trader Marketing Grants are designed to help groups of traders to attract customers to their trading area. These grants are designed to encourage these groups to create and run marketing activities and events.

Recipient: Lily & Dot

Project: Make it to Midtown marketing project

Approved funding: $5,000

The term ‘Midtown’ has grown organically over the past two years in parallel with business growth and now has significant traction on social media, news media, tourism and property advertising. Our marketing plan includes participating in the O-Week 2018 'Welcome to Midtown' pop-up event in public plaza of UTAS Hobart Apartments, Open House Hobart 'Midtown Mile' walking tour giving insight into the heritage and prior uses of buildings in the precinct, as well as showcasing current traders and UTAS apartments, via behind-the-scenes inspections and fostering civic pride. We also intend to create a brochure that captures the diverse range of experiences available in our one city block including buying a CWA cake, getting a tattoo, a bike, have a coffee, wine or dine, learn to crochet, sharpen your knives, buy a Tasmanian-made gift, and have a haircut/beauty treatment.

Shopfront Improvement Grants

The Shopfront Improvement Grant assists small business with matched funding of up to $5,000 to make physical changes to their façade in an effort to encourage an improved streetscape and increased patronage.

Recipient: Claudia Jewellers

Approved funding: $5,000

The Installation of new cabinets within the store designed to give customers an optimum shopping experience. These will be built in the front window so from outside customers will be drawn to the magic of Claudia Jewellers. Black cabinets with effective lighting is designed to enhance the jewellery and bring our jewellery closer to our customers from the outside looking in. At night, the shop front will remain lit and provide a warm glow to be seen from a distance. 

Recipient: Plane Tree Studio

Approved funding: $1,500.00

The existing facade is dated and requires updating to meet and exceed the expectations of modern consumers. The proposal will include a repaint of building facade from its existing dated colour to a modern charcoal grey; a repaint of the sign-writing across the front of the face of Plane Tree Studio to match new branding that defines the values and products of the business and a retro fit of the existing external 'street sign' with the business's fresh business image that will then provide consistency across all marketing platforms.

Recipient: Lily & Dot

Approved funding: $346.00

The installation of a contemporary retail lighting system to highlight the shopfront, enabling more people to see featured displays, and ensuring staff and customers egress safely after dark.

Recipient: Computer Trader

Approved funding: $5,000.00

Computer trader will improve the front facade by removing unsightly ex wall cladding, replacing corroded roof cladding and faulty rainwater gutter and downpipe and reinstate 3 multi pane windows.