Grant recipients

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The City of Hobart is pleased to announce the successful recipients list from the latest round of our Grants Program.

For information on our grant programs, their guidelines and how to apply visit: Grants and funding. For information about all the grants, assistance, and benefits provided by the City of Hobart for the financial year to date, visit Grants, assistance and benefits provided by the City of Hobart

Details on the projects funded during the latest round of City of Hobart Grants Program are listed on each section below.

Resilient Hobart Grants 

The City of Hobart provided funding to support the delivery of community and creative projects and programs that support the community to respond to and recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

Community Grant Recipients

Recipient: Dr Jade Qi Li

  • Project Title: Multicultural Economic Participation Forum
  • Approved funding: $5,000

A forum focussing on economic participation, driven by multicultural community groups, in order to provide guidance in searching for the economic roadmap to recovery.

Recipient: Australian Association for Environmental Education Incorporated

  • Project Title: Share our repairs, skills and art
  • Approved funding: $4,800

Three events around the Hobart area, encouraging people across all age groups and cultures to share some of the repairing/making/artistic skills they have obtained during isolation....and increasingly celebrate appropriate community connection.

Recipient: Young Change Agents

  • Project Title: Coronavirus Youth Challenge: Virtual Hackathon
  • Approved funding: $5000

A ‘Coronavirus Youth Challenge’ where up to 50 youth participants aged 12-18 years will use design thinking methods to respond to the questions: “How might we as young people, respond to changing community needs resulting from COVID-19? How might we find ways to thrive in the recovery period?"

 Recipient: Kickstart Arts

  • Project Title: Music Garden Live Online
  • Approved funding: $4,896

“Music Garden Live” is the delivery and livestream of eight Saturday night concerts between July to October 2020.

Recipient: The Scout Association of Australia, Tasmanian Branch, Derwent Sea Scouts

  • Project Title: Derwent Sea Scout Revival Weekend/s
  • Approved funding: $2,420

A Return to Scouting event/s that will reconnect scouts and their families after an extensive period of social isolation.

Recipient: Inscape Tasmania Inc.

  • Project Title: Live and online
  • Approved funding: $4,101

Live and Online is a project that enables Inscape to utilise technology to create artwork, music and content with hospital patients that engages with the hospital community through online platforms.

Recipient: Hobart Playback Theatre Inc

  • Project Title: Our Stories of Covid19
  • Approved funding: $5,000

Hobart Playback Theatre is proposing a series of interactive and participatory performances for socially distanced audiences that will be recorded and shared online.

Recipient: Tasmania Shanghainese Association

  • Project Title: Promoting Anti-racism and Providing Education
  • Approved funding: $5,000

The production of professional anti-racism films to be promoted through social media and the broader community.

Recipient: Hobart Jazz Club Inc

  • Project Title: Hot August Jazz 2020
  • Approved funding: $5,000

Hot August Jazz showcases over 200 Tasmanian musicians in a range of venues of North Hobart.

Recipient: Salvation Army Housing Common Ground

  • Project Title: Art In Isolation: A Common Room Dream.
  • Approved funding: $2,000

The project will engage a community artist working with tenants 8 hours a week to produce creative works for display within the facility.

Recipient: Tasmanian Way

  • Project Title: Emerging to Thrive
  • Approved funding: $3,000

The Tasmanian Way with supporting partners will host a virtual Appreciative Inquiry Forum to connect Hobartians to shared priorities in recovery to support Tasmania to emerge as a resilient, sustainable and vibrant community.

Recipient: St Vincent de Paul Society

  • Project Title: Confine COVID19 thru Connectivity
  • Approved funding: $2,000

The project provides mobile phones for people experiencing homelessness.

Recipient: The Parkside Foundation

  • Project Title: eDEN
  • Approved funding: $1,000

The provision of equipment to allow the Parkside Foundation to engage with clients who are isolated as a result of COVID-19.

 Recipient: Hindu Society of Tasmania

  • Project Title: Coming out Stronger Through Yoga and Meditation
  • Approved funding: $2,500

Yoga and Meditation workshops to reconnect isolated members of the local Indian community, particularly international students and temporary visa holders who are ineligible for any other assistance.

Recipient: TasCAHRD

  • Project Title: Time for a Cuppa
  • Approved funding: $1,283

Time for a Cuppa is a weekly community group to connect people living with HIV and Hepatitis across the state. Each week there is a different wellbeing topic and guest speakers are invited from local services to talk on the chosen topic.

Recipient: Hobart Bangladesh Community Inc

  • Project Title: Foster social interaction through E-commerce
  • Approved funding: $2,000

The project is designed to facilitate training workshops to help up-skill small business owners and entrepreneurs to add e-commerce as a selling platform for the businesses or start-ups.

Recipient: Deepavali Tasmania Inc

  • Project Title: Coming out stronger through Ethnic Performing Arts
  • Approved funding: $2,500

The program consists of eight dance training sessions with local socially isolated community members.

Recipient: Music Tasmania

  • Project Title: Listen Local
  • Approved funding: $2,500

Listen Local will encourage Tasmanian’s to listen, discuss, and share local music as widely as possible by promoting local music and music writing through Music Tasmania’s website. 


Creative Grant Recipients


Recipient: Nunami Sculthorpe-Green

  • Project Title: Greyscales
  • Approved funding: $4,850

"I will create a walking-tour-performance of "historic Hobart", taking-in landmarks of the colonial city, reinterpreted through a palawa (Tasmanian Aboriginal) lens.

As an emerging arts, this project is a major opportunity to work with an established and respected writer who will help me shape not just the work but also to reinforce and amplify my own voice. Sarah and I have established a good relationship. She acknowledges the need for me to lead the project as a black voice telling a black story. In return I acknowledge her experience and expertise and look forward to learning from her more about the mechanics of storytelling."

Recipient: South Hobart Living Arts Centre (SOHO ARTS)

  • Project Title: Street Gallery
  • Approved funding:$5,000

SOHO ARTS proposes to construct a Street Gallery on our Macquarie St boundary of the property that would be available for the display of artwork both 2D and 3D. Street Gallery is long term, creative, responsive, uplifting, inclusive and beautiful, telling stories in pictures and objects, a vehicle for gentle healing and recovery as we learn to be together again. It will support local artists with the potential for much more. It is free and will be accessible day and night with and without social distancing. It will be a public art asset.

Recipient: Christopher Love

  • Project Title: Underground ArtPrize
  • Approved funding: $5,000

Underground ArtPrize is an art prize open to all art forms and genres and is currently seeking to establish itself as an ongoing monthly art prize. Unlike most art prizes with large one-off prize money, this prize has multiple smaller prizes as well as a peoples' choice award each month. Five winning artists each month are not only awarded $200, they receive promotion, recognition through Underground's social media platforms, website as well as an invitation to exhibit/perform at Underground ArtBar future live events.  Further, one winning artist is also awarded an additional $200 if they win the Peoples' Choice Award.

Recipient: Maritime Museum of Tasmania Inc.

  • Project Title: Antarctic Voyagers
  • Approved funding: $4,907

'Antarctic Voyagers' is a pop-up waterfront moving image project featuring works by two Tasmanian-based Antarctic expeditioners, Frederique Olivier and Miranda Nieboer. Nieboer and Olivier's collaborative film works explore the physical and psychological experience of travelling from Hobart to Antarctica by sea. The works celebrate and explore Hobart's continuing maritime connections to the continent. The works will be projected onto an outdoor screen, rigged as a 'sail' on the historic vessel, 'May Queen' tied up at Constitution dock.

Recipient: Jordy Gregg

  • Project Title: Park Days development
  • Approved funding: $5,000

"Park Days" is a play I am writing from my own experience. It is my story.
I am a Aboriginal man with lineage from Queensland. I am accepted by the pakana community in lutrawitta. I am proud of the way my life is running now, but it's not always been easy. I've suffered from dependency, mental illness, and spent most of my teenage years drunk in city parks in Hobart. Those were my park days.

"Park Days" is a play about the people other people step over in the street. And about how a life can shift. How people can change the direction of their life.

 I will work with leading Australian dramaturge Peter Matheson on developing the play toward a rehearsal-ready script. Assisted by Tasmania Performs, this draft will be given a reading with professional actors. 

 Recipient: Good Grief Studios

  • Project Title:'The art can't stop' Good Grief COVID program
  • Approved funding: $5,000

Our project is based around the continuation of an exhibition program that has been created to deal with the changing conditions brought about by Covid19. Due to the constraints, COVID has placed on people's movements Goodgrief rearranged the gallery in mid-April to allow for a program that was accessible from the street. This has seen the creation of a large video-screen exhibition area as well as a series of window boxes, which can host a variety of sculptural and wall-based works. Every two weeks sees a rotation of both the works in the video and window box spaces.

This grant would be to produce a series of artist fees for the participating artists. We see our project as having substantial benefits for artists, art enthusiasts, and the general public.

Recipient: designed; made inc

  • Project Title:designed made makers market
  • Approved funding: $2,100

The event, a pop-up "market style" exhibition will allow about 30 established, emerging and student designers to showcase the quality and diversity of their recent work and meet with other designers and interested members of the public.

Recipient: Sofie Burgoyne

  • Project Title: A Web of Care; as it is and as it could be
  • Approved funding: $5,000

The event is a weekend-long, free-to-air, live-streamed event questioning and celebrating care.  It will include the premiere of a live dance performance, dance film and first-time releases of relics from conversations between artists on care. There will also be curated conversations between different care workers from our Hobart community themed under First Nations, environment, health and political care.

Recipient: Elliott Law

  • Project Title: HAZFEST Virtual Music Festival
  • Approved funding: $5,000

HAZFEST is a virtual music festival hosted on Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

The Festival Grounds are in a fully custom-built world open to anyone who joins via Minecraft. It has 2 music performance stages with their own lighting-systems, a backstage and VIP area, fun places to explore like a food market, campsite, blimp with a parkour course inside, forests and much more

The project idea came from me seeing the recent coronavirus crisis emerge and completely shut down the live arts and event industry. I thought, “Why not have a virtual music festival?” Only one name seemed fitting - HAZFEST, based on my stage name HAZCHEM and the hazardous world we now find ourselves in.

Recipient: Terrapin Puppet Theatre

  • Project Title: Covidbusters
  • Approved funding: $5,000

Terrapin will commission and devise a new short performance for outdoor, public space presentation in the City of Hobart for presentation in late 2020.  The performance’s key purpose is giving audiences a chance to celebrate the work of healthcare professional in the containment of Covid –19.

The work will be free and presented at events, markets, public gardens and parks in the City of Hobart over at least 4 days in 2020.

Recipient: Kelvin Smith

  • Project Title:Pop Up Piano
  • Approved funding: $5,000

This project is about locating my piano in 10 unique and beautiful outdoor locations around the city of Hobart and pleasantly surprising passers-by with some beautiful tunes. It seeks to bring "Iconic Tasmania" and "beautiful piano music" together in a unique experience for passers-by and for others on social media. 

Recipient: Second Echo Ensemble

  • Project Title:The STARE
  • Approved funding: $5,000

Challenging the way we view people living with disability, THE STARE addresses uncomfortable and too often unspoken ‘norms’. Through a series of portraits, the project will create conversation to reconstruct what is normal.

Dedicated to reflecting the diverse world we live in, THE STARE will celebrate difference and bring thought-provoking portraits of disability to poster poles, personal and public screens.

Recipient: Claire Johnston

  • Project Title:Eyes For Ears
  • Approved funding: $5,000

For this project, Rough Skies will curate and produce a video series to be screened online and at The Loop for Aus Music Month (November). The program will present a series of 45min episodes, each hosted by a Hobart-based musician or band. Each group will present a collection of 5-8 music videos made by contemporary Australian artists that inspire them, along with their own work. Groups will be required to include a minimum of one clip from another Tasmanian band, along with reviews or commentary about the clips they have chosen.

Recipient: Isabella Young

  • Project Title:Physically Distanced Physical Theatre
  • Approved funding: $5,000

Trained theatre-makers and professional Tasmanian performers Felicity Horsley and Bella Young will run a six week public workshop series. The workshops will focus upon delivering professional physical theatre training into the Hobart public/arts community, and activating three unique Hobart City locations by filming site specific creative performances. The project will include up to 15 participants.

Each participant's work will be professionally filmed, and the films will be submitted to The Loop at Hobart City Council, and emailed to each participant.

Recipient: Sara Glaoua

  • Project Title: Smile
  • Approved funding: $5,000

"Smile" is a videography project which explores the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on our social interactions. The covering of our face with a mask has obscured our ability to communicate and robbed us of our smiles in the literal and metaphorical sense. By a loose play on words of 'turn that frown upside down', this project take a playful look at how we might reinvent communication in these socially distant times.

Recipient: MADE- Mature Artists Dance Experience

  • Project Title: 7 Deadly Sins-No sinner like an old sinner
  • Approved funding: $5,000

This application is to support 7 artists in the final creative development and showing of an intimate series of promenade performances of a new work by Graeme Murphy and Janet Vernon for MADE in collaboration with sculptor Judith Wright, composer Christopher Gordon, musician Michael Fortescue, stage manager/producer Kelly Drummond-Cawthon and a photographer/film maker to document the process. 

Recipient: Archipelago Productions

  • Project Title: Living Underground
  • Approved funding: $5,000

Archipelago Productions intends to use a creative lens to give a voice to the voiceless: Women who have survived domestic abuse in the Hobart area. We will begin by identifying willing participants to be interviewed, we will work in consultation with social worker professionals and we will then begin filming a documentary.

"Living Underground" will examine and provide local survivors a safe place to speak. We will shine a light on the vulnerable who have lived through and endured the worst type of abuse, the abuse at the hands of those they loved, lived with and trusted. Their stories will be told as they want it to be heard.

Recipient: Singers of Southern Tasmania

  • Project Title:Project Connect
  • Approved funding: $5,000

Singers of Southern Tasmania Inc. (SOST) is a non-auditioned choir that encourages a sense of community inclusiveness while aspiring to high performance standards that reward both performers and audience alike. SOST puts on two major concerts per year plus has a long standing Christmas program. To underpin a successful program and put on successful events, it is clear that the absence of a web site cannot continue. A compelling web site will be a strong enabler in connecting with the community from both a member and audience perspective.

Recipient: Richie Cyngler

  • Project Title: Collectribe Netwonk
  • Approved funding: $5,000

Collectribe  is an open and artist driven workshop program that aims to foster creative skill exchange and support and nurture diverse creative communities in the City of Hobart.

Recipient: TasWriters

  • Project Title: Freedom and liberty in a time of coronavirus
  • Approved funding: $4,071.50

TasWriters will support four writers to collaborate on a new play, to be delivered through a public reading which will be live-streamed via the online platform used by TasWriters. 

The writers will be commissioned to join a collaborative writers' room to produce a play on the theme of 'Freedom and liberty in a time of coronavirus'. They will focus on the importance of lived experience and freedom of expression while under stress.

The inaugural public reading of the script will be by paid actors, close to 15th November (The International Day of the Imprisoned Writer). This will provide the opportunity for the writers to hear their work performed, which aids in creative development and allows the public to give feedback on their experience of the play.

It is hoped that there will a subsequent reading, facilitated by the Tasmanian Playwrights Project (TaPP), in order to garner further feedback on the work. This will enable the writers to refine the play in time for a reading of the final version at the 2021 Hobart Writers Festival.

Recipient: Blue Cow Theatre

  • Project Title: Virus Vignette
  • Approved funding: $4,071.50

Blue Cow proposes to produce new work with a creative team comprising of playwright, director and designer to work collaboratively to write, design and produce a new theatre work (10mins), casting an actor, with the provocation of "Resilience". Virus Vignettes will be compact and easily tour-able for public performance in festivals and events when viable and as a part of the Blue Cow performance program.

Blue Cow is seeking funding to create the new work ready for street performances and would be seeking inclusion in festivals like the Taste, Salamanca Market, Farm Gate Markets, Wooden Boat Festival, Festival of Voices, Mofo's with the ability to tour out of Hobart to Junction Arts, The Unconformity and Agfest.

Small Community Grants 

Provides grants for community groups and non-profit organisations to develop projects or events, or specific elements of ongoing programs that foster opportunities for access and participation, and for responding to community issues and concerns.

Latest recipients – Round 2, 2019

Recipient: Pets in the Park Hobart CBD

  • Project: Pets in the Park Hobart Companion Animal Health and Welfare Project 2020
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

Pets in the Park’s mission is to improve the lives of homeless people by caring for their pets in recognition of the power and importance of the human-animal bond. Our project will fund the desexing of companion animals, and any other necessary surgeries & veterinary procedures required to ensure their good health and welfare. By reducing the financial burden of pet ownership, we aim to make a difference to both animals and people experiencing homelessness.

Recipient: Cancer Patients Foundation

  • Project: Look Good Feel Better
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

Look Good Feel Better is a free national community service program run by the Cancer Patients Foundation, dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related side-effects caused by cancer treatment. Women, men and teens participate in practical workshop demonstrations covering skin care, make-up and head wear, leaving them empowered and ready to face their cancer diagnosis with confidence.

Recipient: TasPride, Inc. 

  • Project: TasPride Parade 2020
  • Approved Funding: $4,996.85

The TasPride Parade is the signature event of the annual TasPride Festival, regularly bringing together up to 500 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ+) people and allies, making it one of the largest and most visible LGBTIQ+ events in Tasmania. It is a vital way for the LGBTIQ+ communities and allies to celebrate and share our diversity with the broader community.

Recipient: Cancer Council Tasmania

  • Project: Hobart Relay for Life
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

Relay For Life is a 20-hour weekend experience. It brings community together for the many reasons relating to cancer. It connects community through family & friends, school & community groups and business groups. Over 9 Tasmanians are diagnosed with cancer daily. 'Relay' provides opportunity for this community to connect by 'celebrating' life, ‘remembering' loved ones & 'fighting back' against cancer through fundraising and support. All funds generated are put back into the community through our support services.

Recipient: Outside the Box - Earth Arts Rights Inc

  • Project: Rafting, a wheelchair won't stop us
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

The project aims to ensure a beautifully written and illustrated children's book by a Tasmanian woman with disability is made available to every school in Tasmania with appropriate supporting materials, including Teaching notes and a short video about the author. 

The book 'Rafting, a wheelchair won't stop us' promotes discussion on inclusion of children with disability and encourages children to look beyond a person's disability to focus on friendship and inclusion in activities kids enjoy.

Recipient: Housing Choices Tasmania

  • Project: Harmony Day on Queens
  • Approved Funding: $1,000.00

The Housing Choices' resident community will come together on Harmony Day to again enjoy cultural dances, food of the world, fun and laughter with the company of their neighbours, and friends who now call Tasmania their home.

Recipient: Housing Volunteers South Tas Inc (formerly Hospice Care Assoc)

  • Project: Hospice Volunteers Diversity Education Program 2020
  • Approved Funding: $2,528.00

Hospice's diversity workshops will develop our volunteers' understanding of the day to day challenges met by diverse communities. Hearing first hand from young people from refugee and non-mainstream cultural backgrounds, people living with disability or diverse sexual orientations, and individuals living with challenging health conditions will enable our volunteers to sensitively and appropriately support palliative clients from diverse communities and those closest to them to live healthy connected lives until death and afterwards during bereavement.


Latest recipients – Round 1, 2019

Recipient: Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania

  • Project: MRC Tasmania 40 Year Anniversary Celebration
  • Approved funding: $5,000

In 2019 MRC Tas is delighted to commemorate its 40th year of service to the Tasmanian community. MRC Tas will hold a celebratory event that is open to the community and will showcase the dynamic and vibrant contributions people from migrant and refugee backgrounds bring to our State.

Recipient: Working It Out Inc.

  • Project: Making Inclusion Stick
  • Approved funding: $4,830

SignPost is an online directory available to any organisation wanting to demonstrate that their’s is an inclusive service for LGBTI Tasmanians. 

Recipient: Parents Beyond Breakup Ltd

  • Project: Building capacity of Parents Beyond Breakup in Hobart
  • Approved funding: $4,800

Dads in Distress and Mums in Distress support groups are the front-line services of Parents Beyond Breakup. We are requesting funds to build the capacity of our Hobart operations, which will assist us in also commencing a local MIDs group.

Recipient: Brahma Kumaris Australia

  • Project: Shining a Light on Death
  • Approved funding: $4,950

As a society, we have taken death out of our lives. We have become 'death-denying' and know very little about the dying process. We seek support to undertake a program that will be in the form of a large-scale facilitated community enquiry and dialogue. Panel experts and facilitators are all highly experienced in their field of speciality, e.g. Palliative Care, or highly skilled in specific processes designed to coalesce a diverse community gathering and ensure that all views are heard.

Recipient: Sisongke Community Choir Hobart Inc.

  • Project: Sisongke Choir 25th Anniversary Workshops
  • Approved funding: $5,000

People are invited to a series of workshops presented by Sisongke Choir that create an opportunity to explore music from around the world.  

Recipient: South Hobart Progress Association

  • Project: South Hobart Progress Association (SHPA) Web Redesign
  • Approved funding: $4,550

We are seeking a small grant to upgrade our web site to not only enable bookings online but to also be the information hub for community events, activities and organisations through the website and associated social media.

Recipient: Buddy Up Australia

  • Project: Buddy Up- PT project
  • Approved funding: $4,000

The Buddy Up PT project is aimed at providing a peer support/physical activity program for all current and ex-serving members of the ADF and emergency services sectors.

Recipient: Tamil Association of Tasmania

  • Project: Tamil Folk Art - Street Theatre Ensemble
  • Approved funding: $2,500

This is authentic Tamil folk art which adds authentic multicultural spectrum to City of Hobart taking to next level participation of drumming in 4 HCC events - including Harmony week. The project covers the cost of the artefacts and drums.

Recipient: Chinese Community Association of Tasmania Inc. (CCAT)

  • Project: CCAT 50 Year Commemorative Celebrations
  • Approved funding: $2,375

The 50 Year Anniversary of the CCAT will be a celebration of the Chinese community in Tasmania and will include the preparation of a colourful Commemorative Publication that will be available to the public, outdoor lion & dragon dances to accompany the Official Launch of the celebrations, public activities focusing on Chinese culture/history suitable for school children, a public presentation on some Chinese family histories and business activities and a Gala dinner open to the public.

Recipient: Tasmanian Ethiopian Association Inc.

  • Project: Celebrating Ethiopian New Year
  • Approved funding: $2,000

Celebrating Ethiopian New Year with people Ethiopian background and their family friends and the Australian community.


View the list of 2018 recipients

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Small and Medium Creative Hobart Grants

Creative Hobart supports cultural and creative programs that encourage community participation, attract cultural tourism and make Hobart a truly wonderful place to live, work and visit.

Creative Hobart Medium, recipients – Round 2, 2019

Recipient: Maritime Museum of Tasmania

  • Project: LUME: Writing from the collection
  • Approved Funding: $14,750.00

'LUME' is a writer in residence program at the Maritime Museum of Tasmania. The program invites Tasmanian writers to respond to the Museum’s collection through the development of an innovative writing project that engages the local community. Shared through a variety of associated public events such as public readings, storytelling, spoken word, workshops and talks the project shares stories that celebrate Tasmania’s unique maritime heritage.

Recipient: Constance ARI

  • Project: ngayapi niyakara (Born to dream)
  • Approved Funding: $15,000.00

ngayapi niyakara (Born to dream) is a partnership between the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre and CONSTANCE Artist Run Initiative that creates an opportunity for an emerging Aboriginal artist based in lutruwita (Tasmania) to present a new temporary artwork in an outdoor public space in nipaluna (Hobart). This project supports an emerging Aboriginal artist to develop their practice into working in public space.

Recipient: DRILL Performance Company Inc

  • Project: DRILL 2020 Program
  • Approved Funding: $12,250.00

DRILL draws together a diverse group of young people and pairs them with professional choreographers to collaboratively develop new works. For ‘Leviathan,’ DRILL will collaborate with The Tasmanian Youth Classical Ballet Company and Industrie Performing Arts, to create a large scale work in the new Hedberg Studio Theatre. ‘By George’ will be a site-specific autobiographical work performed in the Allport Museum, and the Choreographic Program will support emerging choreographers to create short site specific works.

Recipient: Salamanca Arts Centre

  • Project: Older than Language Artist Led Community Engagement Program
  • Approved Funding: $10,000.00

Older Than Language is a multi-artform exhibition that will inhabit Salamanca Art Centre in March/April 2020. This exhibition will seek to understand and convey experience of first- and second-generation migrants in Australia. This application is to support community activations which will accompany the exhibition. Artists will work with local migrant communities in Hobart to explore the often-uneasy relationship between old customs and traditions and new or adopted ways of being in the world.

Recipient: Dr Caroline Rannersberger

  • Project: Glass House Arcadia: a Memorial to Tasmanian Plant Ecology
  • Approved Funding: $10,000.00

Glass House Arcadia, to be located in Franklin Square, is a collaboration between Tasmanian based artist and project manager, Caroline Rannersberger, and New York based Australian musician, Sam Nester. The work, developed with a team of creatives, comprises an installation of plants endemic to Tasmania that generate 'music' in realtime with specialised sound technology, housed inside an illuminated glass house. Scheduled during Dark MOFO, the community can 'play the plants' and participate in improvisation performances.


Creative Hobart Medium, recipients – Round 1, 2019

Recipient: Second Echo Ensemble

  • Project: Let Me Dry Your Eyes
  • Approved funding: $15,000

Second Echo Ensemble presents new interdisciplinary work at Beaumaris Zoo- Let Me Dry Your Eyes will challenge perceptions. Assumptions and beliefs will unravel as together the audience and ensemble will follow our shorelines, be carried by the currents and defy expectations.

Recipient: Jane Longhurst

  • Project: The Black Bag
  • Approved funding: $9,300

Jane Longhurst will collaborate with Robert Jarman (Blue Cow Theatre Company) and Liminal Studios to create a free, site-specific performance of 'The Black Bag: excerpts from Samuel Beckett's "Happy Days". The performance will take place across six days in six different public locations at midday and will capture the attention of passing traffic and dedicated audience members alike.

Recipient: Andy Vagg

  • Project: The Poseidon Adventure
  • Approved funding: $13,800

Poseidon has awoken from a two-hundred-year slumber and missed the Industrial Revolution! He's now in the midst of oceans choked with plastic, and he's not happy. Amphitrite has a lot to explain to him... Bringing together some of Hobart's best creatives, The Poseidon Adventure is a play for young and old, exploring the dilemma that we face together and the mighty task of cleaning up our oceans, right here on Hobart's iconic waterfront.

Recipient: Songmaking Sessions

  • Project: 2019 Hobart Songmaking Sessions
  • Approved funding: $14,860

The Hobart Songmaking Sessions are offered free to 42 local 8-18-year-olds, giving them the opportunity to be mentored and tutored by six professional musicians, poets and sound engineers for a week. This is a Folk Federation of Tasmania event and is hosted by Kickstart Arts.

Recipient: Salamanca Arts Centre

  • Project: Salamanca Arts Centre And City Of Hobart’s International Residency Program
  • Approved funding: $10,000

Through this funding from the City of Hobart, Salamanca Arts Centre (SAC) will establish three international artist residencies during 2019 and 2020. SAC will host three international artists, each for a 1 or 2-month residency at the Arts Centre, providing each visiting artist with social and community support and participation, a stipend, accommodation, and a studio and gallery space.


Creative Hobart Small, recipients – Round 2, 2019

Recipient: Mrs Rebecca Thomson

  • Project: An Aquatic Community
  • Approved Funding: $4,850.00

A 6-minute documentary about the strength of friendship and community that has formed between groups of Hobart seniors who have all been attending the same water aerobics class for over three decades.

Recipient: Van Diemen's Band Inc

  • Project: Italian Baroque Sessions
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

In March 2020, Tasmania's premiere early music Van Diemen's Band will present "Italian Baroque Sessions", a festival/academy of Italian baroque music in the historic Hobart Town Hall, led by international guest director Enrico Gatti.

Academy participants will attend lectures, undertake lessons/workshops/masterclasses, and have multiple public performance opportunities. The academy will be kept low-cost, ensuring a wide variety of students/musicians have access to this remarkable educational opportunity. Furthermore, a limited number of scholarships will be offered.

Recipient: Mr David Lander

  • Project: Tasmanian Playwrights Project Season 2020
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

During 2020 the Tasmanian Playwrights Project (TPP) will present four play readings for public audiences. They will take place at the South Hobart Living Arts Centre Community Hall. After each reading the audience will engage directly with the playwrights, actors and director in a facilitated feedback session to help shape the writer's next draft.


Creative Hobart Small – Round 1, 2019

Recipient: Helen Swain

  • Project: Who Cares?
  • Approved funding: $4,826.00

“Who Cares?” is an intimate, one-woman theatre show that uses humour, compassion, remorse and pride to illuminate the contradictory moments of caring for another person inside your own home.  

The play is written and performed by Hobart artist Helen Swain and combines autobiographical, fictional and verbatim dialogue. This grant will assist with the project’s community engagement through two performances and panel discussions; one in South Hobart and the other at Mathers House during Seniors Week.

Recipient: designed;made inc

  • Project: designed:made makers market 2019
  • Approved funding: $3,900

The event, a pop-up exhibition and designers networking event, will allow about 30 established, emerging and student designers to showcase the quality and diversity of their recent work and meet with other designers and interested members of the public. 

Work on show will include furniture, textiles, jewellery, glass, lighting, woodwork and small products. The event will commence with a networking event and preview on Friday evening with the "market style" exhibition continuing over the weekend.

Recipient: Sinsa Mansell

  • Project: BlACK
  • Approved funding: $5,000

Based in the 1900s, this solo performance will take you on a cultural journey of a young first nations women stuck in the daily tasks of her domestic duties. Yearning for connection, the spiritual strength within is guiding her to seek the knowledge needed for deep listening. Her firmly rooted ancestral genetic DNA grows stronger and stronger as she grows building the strength to gain her cultural identity.

Recipient: Foodweb Education

  • Project: Friends underground
  • Approved funding: $2,250

An arts-based and sensory exploration of life in the soil for 18 mth-4 year-olds and their carers in the Community Food Garden at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. Participants will get to discover and connect to the hidden world beneath their feet through song, dance, drawing and exploring.   The session will be followed by collaborative mural making and picnic in the gardens.


View the list of 2018 recipients.

Vie the list of 2017 recipients.

Event Grants

The City of Hobart Event Grants Program provides grants for a range of events that provide benefits to both the local and wider community. 

Event Grants – Round 2, 2019

Recipient: BOFA Ltd, t/a The Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival

  • Project: Hobart BOFA 2020
  • Approved Funding: $20,000.00

Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival (BOFA) is the state's official film festival. The inaugural 2019 Hobart BOFA will, in 2020, expand x 3 to match  Launceston BOFA's 30 festival screenings, and  6 Fringe screenings, PLUS

Tasmanian Short Film competition with Awards event (Hobart only), a major short film-making masterclass (Hobart only), one-day Climate Emergency Action conference with film and expert speakers, > 50% of screenings with film-maker/expert Q & As, and two red carpet events.

Recipient: Salamanca Arts Centre

  • Project: Jazzamanca 2020
  • Approved Funding: $14,380.00

Jazzamanca is both a celebration and an exposition of some of the best local and visiting jazz music  performers, brought to audiences who appreciate what quality jazz is about. Through a weekend program of day and evening ticketed and free performances and other jazz events, Salamanca Arts Centre will be brimming with the sounds of improvised jazz music, fusion, discussions on the history and roots of jazz, documentary films on our Jazz icons, and more.

Recipient: Chinese Community Association of Tasmania

  • Project: 2020 Lunar New Year Festival
  • Approved Funding: $18,000.00

The 2020 Lunar New Year Festival, in its eighth year, will be celebrating the Year of the Rat. 

The festival focuses on Asian entertainment, food, cultural performances and fun for the young family. The event runs form 10.00 am to 4.00 pm on Parliament House Lawns. There will be four themed zones: Food, Entertainment, Kids and Cultural. Entry is free. 

Our objective is to be THE major Asian celebration in Tasmania.

Recipient: Australian Fujian Association Tasmania

  • Project: Tasmania Chinese Lantern Festival 2020
  • Approved Funding: $13,000.00

Tasmania Chinese Lantern Festival is one of the most influential and multicultural events organised in Hobart by a voluntary group of community leaders, which commenced in 2014. It is the farewell to the end of the Chinese Lunar New Year, and includes a variety of performances by different cultural groups.

Recipient: Oh la la $ co Inc

  • Project: Make Music Day
  • Approved Funding: $1,946.00

Make music day is a music festival held in public places on the first day of summer, each year in France. It is unique in its kind in that anyone is welcome to jump on stage and play: children, adults, amateurs, professionals join in to celebrate music and the power it has of bringing communities together. Growing in popularity it is now held in more than 800 cities in 120 countries, including Australia.

Recipient: West Moonah Community House Inc

  • Project: Wellness Expo 2020
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

West Moonah Community House and Rotary Tasmania are hosting their seventh annual Wellness Expo in February 2020 at Princes Wharf. This vibrant event draws together approximately 100 local businesses and organisations who contribute to the health and wellbeing of our community.

This event is FREE and accessible to the public and provides information on services available and enables stallholders to network and build valuable relationships for support and inter-organisational referrals.

Recipient: Tamil Association of Tasmania Inc

  • Project: Thaippongal - Tamil Heritage Festival 
  • Approved Funding: $3,900.00

'Thaippongal’ is an ancient Tamil heritage festival celebrated by Tamils over thousands of years. It is celebrated to convey appreciation to the sun, cattle and nature for a successful harvest and prosperity, to encourage earth harmony living, and to ensure cohesion within the society.

Our Tamil Association of Tasmania is planning to celebrate this festival as way to promote traditional and modern art forms, creativity, harmonious integration of societies, and sustainable living.


Event Grants – Round 1, 2019


Recipient: Beaker Street

  • Project: BeakerStreet@TMAG
  • Approved funding:$20,000

BeakerStreet@TMAG is Australia's premier National Science Week event for young adults, with 6,000 visitors in 2018. BeakerStreet@TMAG returns for its third year in 2019 with an all-new line-up, an invasive species cocktail bar in collaboration with Mona, an Academy of Science partnership featuring some of Australia's most prominent scientists speaking at Town Hall, and plans in place to broaden its scope and reach to gain national and international visibility and attention.  

Recipient: Australian Institute of Architects (Tasmanian Chapter)

  • Project: Open House Hobart
  • Approved funding: $15,000

Open House Hobart (OHH) takes locals and visitors behind the scenes of the city's built environment. The weekend builds on the success of previous years and encourages both previous and new participants to be involved. The weekend forms the key event of a broader series of events that encourage conversation about the future of our city while learning about the past and present.

Recipient: Tasmanian National Science Week Coordinating Committee

  • Project: Festival of Bright Ideas 2019
  • Approved funding: $20,000

Festival of Bright Ideas (FoBI) is Tasmania's premier community event in National Science Week. It is a 'grass-roots' festival specifically designed to introduce the Tasmanian community to the Tasmanian science and innovation sector.

Recipient: Constance Artist-Run Initiative

  • Project: HOBIENNALE 2019
  • Approved funding: $13,500

The creative rationale of HOBIENNALE is to encourage discussion and critique of current political, economic and social climates whilst celebrating diversity, promoting inclusivity and recognising the significant role of emergent and contemporary arts practices in Australia. 

HOBIENNALE has invited 20 ARIs (Artist Run Initiatives) to participate in the 2019 festival, these organisations represent a spectrum of regional and urban centres, running models and communities

Recipient: Deepavali Tasmania [Diwali Working Committee]

  • Project: Diwali2019
  • Approved funding: $5,000

In Tasmania, in the past, Diwali has been celebrated within individual incoming communities who have held small celebrations and get together in their homes or small halls etc. Now the committee has members from 14 different community groups who come together to bring Diwali to Hobart. With the migrant population especially from the Indian sub-continent, Nepal etc. growing in Hobart, this festival brings together all the members of these communities to showcase the culture and also preserve the traditions and culture for the children to be able to take pride in their roots.

Recipient: Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania (t/a Animals Tasmania)

  • Project: VeganFest Tasmania 2019
  • Approved funding: $7,350

VeganFest Tasmania is a new annual festival designed to celebrate veganism. Held on or around World Vegan Day, it showcases local vegan businesses and not for profit organisations, with a strong emphasis on food and sustainability. This is done primarily through hosting a wide variety of stall holders, speakers, and cooking demonstrations.

Recipient: Hobart Jazz Club Inc.

  • Project: Hot August Jazz Festival 2019
  • Approved funding: $8,000

This Tasmanian showcase features over 200 Tasmanian musicians. 2005 the Hobart Jazz Club held the inaugural “HOT AUGUST JAZZ” festival. Artists range from solos, duos to big bands with a diverse range of participants including students, disabled and community groups as well as professional musicians. We are now preparing for our 15th annual Hot August Jazz Festival. Ten venues in the North Hobart CBD will have live music. This is a FREE event. 

Recipient: The Dead Maggies - Trading as Folk 'Til Ya Punk Records

  • Project: HOBOFOPO
  • Approved funding: $3,100

HOBOFOPO is Australia’s only established dedicated folk-punk festival. Over the past three years, it has attracted a who’s who of folk-punk artists across the globe and a cohort of folk- punk fans from all around Australia to flock to Hobart for a four-day gig-crawl across the city and surrounds.

Recipient: FemFest Tas

  • Project: Fem Fest Tas
  • Approved funding: $3,000

Fem Fest Tas is a community arts & culture festival celebrating people who experience gender oppression. We aim to celebrate, empower, platform and provide spaces for people to explore and find their voices through workshops, networking & volunteer experiences, spoken word, music, arts, crafts, fashion and politics.  Our festival brings people together from across different social groups, artistic platforms and demographics. Last year we had people attend from different demographics turn up and participate over 16 hours.


View the list of 2018 recipients.

View the list of 2017 recipients

Local Trader Grants

The Local Trader Marketing Grants are designed to help groups of traders to attract customers to their trading area. These grants are designed to encourage these groups to create and run marketing activities and events.

Recipient: Lily & Dot

Project: Make it to Midtown marketing project

Approved funding: $5,000

The term ‘Midtown’ has grown organically over the past two years in parallel with business growth and now has significant traction on social media, news media, tourism and property advertising. Our marketing plan includes participating in the O-Week 2018 'Welcome to Midtown' pop-up event in public plaza of UTAS Hobart Apartments, Open House Hobart 'Midtown Mile' walking tour giving insight into the heritage and prior uses of buildings in the precinct, as well as showcasing current traders and UTAS apartments, via behind-the-scenes inspections and fostering civic pride. We also intend to create a brochure that captures the diverse range of experiences available in our one city block including buying a CWA cake, getting a tattoo, a bike, have a coffee, wine or dine, learn to crochet, sharpen your knives, buy a Tasmanian-made gift, and have a haircut/beauty treatment.

Shopfront Improvement Grants

The Shopfront Improvement Grant assists small business with matched funding of up to $5,000 to make physical changes to their façade in an effort to encourage an improved streetscape and increased patronage.

Shopfront Improvement Grants – Round 2, 2019

Recipient: 1+2 Architecture

  • Project: Office Street Address Improvement
  • Funding Approved: $3,775.00

The proposed works entails the careful stripping of more recent paint work from the brickwork facade. It is intended to reveal the story of the building’s previous uses through the revealing of the layers of painted sign writing that exist behind the current top layers of acrylic paint. By doing this, a more unified and appealing façade will be created which will be consistent with the buildings newly restored interior.

Recipient: Red Parka Pty Ltd

  • Project: Red Parka Shopfront Improvement
  • Funding Approved: $1,534.00

In the four years since Red Parka moved to Criterion Street, the store has become an institution among tourists and locals alike. This project will update the outside signage to reflect the quirky, artistic product range that attracts shoppers looking for a gift with a difference. The previous tenant's fascia signage will be replaced with new panels. The under-awning sign will be replaced, and a decorative and informational window decal installed beside the door.


Shopfront Improvement Grants – Round 1, 2019

Recipient: Claudia Jewellers

Approved funding: $5,000

The Installation of new cabinets within the store designed to give customers an optimum shopping experience. These will be built in the front window so from outside customers will be drawn to the magic of Claudia Jewellers. Black cabinets with effective lighting is designed to enhance the jewellery and bring our jewellery closer to our customers from the outside looking in. At night, the shop front will remain lit and provide a warm glow to be seen from a distance. 

Recipient: Plane Tree Studio

Approved funding: $1,500.00

The existing facade is dated and requires updating to meet and exceed the expectations of modern consumers. The proposal will include a repaint of building facade from its existing dated colour to a modern charcoal grey; a repaint of the sign-writing across the front of the face of Plane Tree Studio to match new branding that defines the values and products of the business and a retro fit of the existing external 'street sign' with the business's fresh business image that will then provide consistency across all marketing platforms.

Recipient: Lily & Dot

Approved funding: $346.00

The installation of a contemporary retail lighting system to highlight the shopfront, enabling more people to see featured displays, and ensuring staff and customers egress safely after dark.

Recipient: Computer Trader

Approved funding: $5,000.00

Computer trader will improve the front facade by removing unsightly ex wall cladding, replacing corroded roof cladding and faulty rainwater gutter and downpipe and reinstate 3 multi pane windows. 

Urban Sustainability Grants

Urban Sustainability Grants are available to schools, community groups and businesses, providing up to $5 000 in support for projects that increase resource recovery; reduce the volume and type of waste otherwise directed to landfill; promote or undertake initiatives to increase energy efficiency, actively promote air and water quality improvements; support sustainable community gardens or biodiversity projects; support academic or community research into any of the above. 

Urban Sustainability Grants - Round 2019


Recipient: Greening Australia

  • Project: Hobart Youth Climate Leaders Planning and Action 2020
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

The Hobart Youth Climate Leaders' Planning and Action 2020 will engage 10 Secondary and College Student leadership teams in the Hobart Urban Region to undertake local planning and action in their schools and communities to reduce the impact of climate change and sustainability. The project will involve a planning meeting supported by community mentors to undertake action over six months with a follow-up review on successes, challenges and future plans.

Recipient: Good Life Permaculture

  • Project: Home Harvest
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

Home Harvest is an open garden day where a range of Hobart residents with thriving edible gardens open their gates for the public to see what's possible, get inspired and learn how to get started in growing their own garden!

Recipient: Pasticwise Taroona

  • Project: Plasticwise Taroona Washes against Waste
  • Approved Funding: $3,458.00

Wash against Waste is a pilot program for a reusable crockery service at market events in Hobart. Market patrons pay a deposit for using a mug, plate, cutlery and cloth napkin to eat takeaway food on site at Farmgate Market in Hobart. After use the crockery gets returned to the Wash against Waste stall, to be washed and reused. This reusable service encourages the community to reduce waste by providing an alternative to disposable containers.

Recipient: Source Community Wholefoods Cooperative

  • Project: Waste Education Workshop Series
  • Approved Funding: $2,260.00

Source is a not-for-profit community cooperative based on the Sandy Bay Campus of UTAS. The Waste Education Workshop Series intends to educate our community on waste, living a zero-waste lifestyle, and the future of waste in Hobart. The Workshop Series comprises of five educational events/workshops which have been designed for education on waste, waste reduction, and recycling (or repurposing).