Grant recipients


The City of Hobart is pleased to announce the recent successful recipient list from the first round of our Grant Programs for 2018.

For information on our grant programs, their guidelines and how to apply visit: Grants and funding. For information about all the grants, assistance, and benefits provided by the City of Hobart for the financial year to date, visit Grants, assistance and benefits provided by the City of Hobart

Details on the projects funded during the latest round of Community Development Grant Programs are listed on each section below.

Small Community Grants 

Provides grants for community groups and non-profit organisations to develop projects or events, or specific elements of ongoing programs that foster opportunities for access and participation, and for responding to community issues and concerns.

Latest recipients – Round 2, 2018

Recipient: Cancer Council Tasmania

  • Project: Relay For Life Hobart
  • Approved funding: $5,000.00

Relay For Life is a 20-hour overnight experience that brings the community together to support each other in the fight against cancer. It bonds the community across family & friends, school & community groups along with business groups, all with the same purpose. Over 9 Tasmanian are diagnosed with cancer daily. Cancer does not discriminate. Relay For Life provides the opportunity for our community to come together to 'celebrate' life, to 'remember' loved ones passed & to 'fight back' against this disease through fundraising and support. All funds generated from this event are put back into the community through our support services.

Recipient: Sacred Conversations

  • Project: 1 Day Interfaith Festival
  •  Approved Funding: $4,656.64

1 DAY is a festival that will celebrate human spirituality. It will acknowledge the diversity and richness of human spiritual experience while promoting the essential oneness of the human need for transcendence, peace, and happiness. The festival will be held on Saturday the 23rd February 2019 at the Hobart Town Hall. The programme will include statements from twelve speakers representing the major faith traditions who will address the theme: "How can religious peace, unity, and harmony be achieved?" It will be interspersed with a similar number of musical and cultural performances from various religious and cultural groups here in Hobart.

Recipient: COTA Tasmania

  • Project: Ageing My Way
  • Approved Funding: $4,147.09

"Ageing My Way" empowers older people to share their preferences and desires for how they would like to age, using captioned photographs of themselves in their homes and communities. By encouraging older people to voice and visualise their preferences, "Ageing My Way" respects their right to self-determination as they age, ensuring their interests are captured and shared as a form of elder-abuse prevention. Importantly, "Ageing My Way" will raise awareness among older people and family members of the obligations of those nominated in documents such as Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship.

Recipient: Salvation Army Housing Common Ground

  • Project: Common Ground Cafe
  • Approved Funding: $4,798.00

Common Ground provides supportive housing, delivered in a secure, socially mixed environment to end chronic homelessness. Even better than the vision, are the outcomes; Common Ground is succeeding every month at helping people get back on their feet and re-settling (independently and sustainably) back into the community. The Common Ground Café is a new social enterprise concept to be located at the Campbell Street Common Ground facility in Hobart’s CBD. The initiative will aim to provide training, employment, social inclusion and support for people who are disadvantaged including the tenants at Common Ground, while also creating a sustainable revenue stream.

Recipient: 'Just Desserts' Drug Court Incentives Group

  • Project: Community support for drug court rewards and incentives
  • Approved Funding: $3,500.00

'Just Desserts' represents a number of community organisations and provides support for rewards and incentives granted as part of the Court Mandated Diversion (Drug Court) program. The program aims to reduce illicit drug use and associated crime. Donations from this group are used to provide small tangible rewards which are presented by Magistrates to program participants who achieve significant milestones and eventually graduate from the two year program. Rewards recognise positive achievements that help participants to reduce their drug use and offending behaviour, contributing to community safety. Worldwide evidence has shown this therapeutic approach to be effective in reducing crime.

Recipient: Department of Education - Elizabeth College

  • Project: Elizabeth College Resilience and Wellbeing Project
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

Elizabeth College aims to increase the awareness and understanding of issues that affect our wellbeing and resilience, and to promote strategies to improve them. The Resilience Project will be engaged to help us achieve these goals, and will run seminars for students, primary and high school teachers, parents and the wider community. They will also provide curriculum resources to support a wellbeing program within the College. This project is about attitudes, knowledge, and strategies to promote wellbeing and we want to help them spread. It directly supports Council's 2014-2019 Youth Strategy and its Strategic Plan.

Recipient: The Welcome Dinner Project Tasmania

  • Project: Hobart Welcome Campaign 2019
  • Approved Funding: $4,364.00

The Hobart Welcome Campaign will increase community belonging by connecting newly arrived Australians with established Hobartians over shared meals in local homes through our Home Welcome Dinners. Engagement with Newtown Primary School and a local author will support cross-cultural learning opportunities to explore the stories of refugees and migrants and embrace diversity in our communities. We will share the stories and successes of a diverse and connected community through the development of an improved evaluation framework. We will help build strong and healthy communities through diversity, participation and empathy and establish solid foundations for the Welcome Dinner Project in Hobart.

Recipient: Oh la la & co Inc

  • Project: Melt in Pot
  • Approved Funding: $4,605.00

Food is a great vehicle for sharing culture and heritage with people from different backgrounds. Cooking together and sharing a meal is the most communal and binding activity in almost every places in the world and this project will do just this. Six migrant communities in Hobart will prepare a meal from their countries/culture and will then open the door for people of their community to have a wonderful meal together. Through sharing food this project will provide an opportunity for multi-cultural exchange, friendship and networking between communities that rarely get the opportunity to mix together.

Recipient: New Town High School School Association

  • Project: Scoping report to establish a Sustainability Shed, Community Garden and old scholars network.
  • Approved Funding: $3,000

Students and staff at New Town High School have identified two projects of value to the school and community - a Sustainability Shed and a Community Garden. This project will plan these activities and establish an Old Scholars network to bring them to fruition. In doing so, it will provide opportunities for senior men in the neighbourhood to overcome isolation by volunteering and reconnecting with their community. NTHS has an active school association, but no established Old Scholars network. The school's Centenary in 2019 provides a unique opportunity to establish an old scholars support network for these and subsequent projects.

Recipient: Hobart Harmony Chorus Inc

  • Project: International Women's Day Concert 2019
  • Approved Funding: $1,000

Hobart Harmony will present "HAND in HAND - a Concert to celebrate International Women's Day". This once a year concert event will showcase female performers of all ages and from all genres of music from the Hobart area.

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Small and Medium Creative Hobart Grants

Creative Hobart supports cultural and creative programs that encourage community participation, attract cultural tourism and make Hobart a truly wonderful place to live, work and visit.

Creative Hobart Medium, recipients – Round 2, 2018

Recipient: The Australian Ceramics Association

  • Project: Holding Place: Fire Sculpture
  • Approved Funding: $14,985.00

On the evening of the 3rd May, 2019, a team of dedicated ceramic artists, led by renowned master kiln builder, Andres Allik, will open the petals of a giant custom-built kiln. An audience of conference delegates and members of the general public, gathered in the PW1 forecourt, will watch in awe as the 3m tall ceramic sculpture enclosed therein is revealed, glowing red hot against the night sky, rapidly cooling from the 1300 degrees it has taken three days of firing to achieve. The sculpture, once cooled will be a lasting monument to the shared labours of many community members.

Recipient: Wide Angle Tasmania Inc.

  • Project: South Hobart Cinema
  • Approved Funding: $15,000.00

Nurturing creativity, empowerment and connectedness among Hobart youth through Hip Hop and beatmaking workshopsSouth Hobart Cinema is a programme of free film screenings presented monthly at Tasmania’s Centre for Screen at 6 Washington Street, South Hobart. During 2019, audience members will be invited to become screen creators by entering the ‘Screen Confessions’ booth to record a micro story. During 2019, 30 feature length screenings will be delivered. The programme will be curated for and marketed to four distinct audiences; 

SilverScreen (weekday afternoon screenings for over 50s),  iGen@Cinema (weekday morning screenings for pre-schoolers and their carers),  iGen Holidays (evening screenings during school holidays for school aged teens), and General audience (evening screenings for local audiences).

Recipient: The University of Melbourne

  • Project: Nurturing creativity, empowerment and connectedness among Hobart youth through Hip Hop and beatmaking workshops
  • Approved Funding: $10,000

Globally, Hip-Hop and beatmaking are increasingly being used to promote individual and community wellbeing. Through this project, beatmakers Dr Crooke (PhD, Music Therapy) and Dr Gann (PhD, Psychotherapy) will visit Hobart, and partner with local organization, Kickstart Arts, in facilitating beatmaking workshops to empower, connect and engage youth in creative process and generate musical outputs. The team will bring facilitation expertise in beatmaking, and in-depth knowledge of how musical participation leads to community wellbeing outcomes. By also engaging and mentoring local practitioners, the project will not only afford immediate youth outcomes, but also build community capacity for future work.

Recipient: Julie Waddington

  • Project: MENTAL - The Mother Load STAGE TWO
  • Approved Funding: $10,000

A creative documentary performance exploring the beauty, grotesque and poetic in the madness and mundane of motherhood. Building on results of their seed creative development in 2018, Artist Mothers -Julie Waddington, Bryony Geeves, Mel King, Carrie McLean and Rebecca Thomson will collaborate and research the experience of mental load through a series of creative writing / storytelling workshops, interviews and online interaction with mothers. Verbatim material generated during the research phase will be explored in an intensive period of creative development, alongside puppetry, film and physical theatre towards the first draft of a new performance work.

Recipient: Chinese Contemporary Art Tasmania Inc.

  • Project: Exhibition -Tasmanian Artists Responding to Chinese Oriental Culture
  • Approved Funding: $10,000 

An exhibition hosted as an annual collaboration with Asian contemporary art and the Hobart City Council’s Lunar New Year Festival. We will invite Hobart based artists to explore and research Chinese cultural links to produce Contemporary artwork reflecting the theme. Our project will include established and emerging artists from Eastern and Western backgrounds and will present works in a range of disciplines including new media, installation, photography and painting. Our Hobart Lunar New Year festival exhibition will be held at Brooke St Pier, hosting workshops, artist talks and significant internet presence through key Asian project partners.

Creative Hobart Small, recipients – Round 2, 2018

Recipient: DRILL Performance Company Inc.

  • Project: The Stance
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

Hobart’s youth dance company DRILL has invited Brisbane-based choreographer Liesel Zink to recreate her critically acclaimed protest work The Stance on the newly formed BOLT Collective. The Stance is a dance and sound performance for public spaces, investigating the choreography of bodies in protest. The work will engage an ensemble of local dancers who will perform to a remarkable live score of music transmitted through wireless FM headphones, creating an intimate viewing experience for the audience. BOLT is comprised of DRILL and Stompin alumni, some of Tasmania's most talented young contemporary dancers.

Recipient: Catherine Morse

  • Project: Women Of The Island: Photo + Text Stories
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

Women Of The Island: Photo + Text Stories will enable ten women in the Hobart community to work with the artists in the Women Of The Island team to share their diverse stories through written text and photographic portraiture. These stories will be exhibited in hard copy at a number of special events in Hobart during Ten Days OnThe Island March 2019 as well as online.

Recipient: Women Of The Island

  • Project: Drawings for Gaza: a stop motion project from children in Hobart to children in Gaza
  • Approved Funding: $4,650.00

Drawing/Stop Motion Workshop: A stop motion film from young Hobartians responding to drawings from children in Gaza. Gaza Children's Cinema works with children in Gaza, promoting inclusion and education. In September 2018 children from Gaza sent drawings of sounds in their world to Hobart. This workshop series offers children in Hobart the opportunity to respond to these drawings through an intensive day of drawing and story-telling. Working with film maker Amy Brown children make a short stop motion film from these drawings This film will be shown in Hobart and Gaza simultaneously.

An exciting cultural exchange through drawing and film.

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Event Grants

The City of Hobart Event Grants Program provides grants for a range of events that provide benefits to both the local and wider community. 

Latest recipients – Round 2, 2018


Recipient: Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

  • Project: TMAG Children's Festival
  • Approved Funding: $19,965.00

The TMAG Children's Festival is Tasmania's premier stand-alone free Festival for children. In 2018 one in every four 0 - 9-year-olds living in Greater Hobart attended the Festival. Held in the April school holidays on TMAG's iconic waterfront site, the 2019 Festival themed EarthTime! will create unique opportunities for children and families to engage with hands-on participatory experiences in a vibrant, learning environment. Engaging a diverse range of community partners dedicated to child development, the Festival is distinct for its focus on active child participation where children "take over" TMAG and exterior spaces for the duration of the Festival period.

Recipient: The Welcome Dinner Project Tasmania

  • Project: City of Hobart Inaugural Community Welcome Dinner 2019
  • Approved Funding: $9,160.00

The Inaugural City of Hobart Community Welcome Dinner 2019 will showcase Hobart as a welcoming and inclusive city. A celebration of our diverse community, the dinner will be held in the Town Hall during Harmony Week, delivered by the Welcome Dinner Project (WDP) Tasmania, to bring newly arrived and established Hobartians together. The Dinner builds greater community connections for the residents of Hobart and promotes understanding across the diverse cultural groups of our city. WDP Tasmania hope that this inaugural dinner will lay the foundation for a yearly City of Hobart Community Welcome Dinner to bring and connect people together.

Recipient: Chinese Community Association of Tasmania Inc

  • Project: 2019 Lunar New Year Festival
  • Approved Funding: $19,940.00

This Lunar New Year Festival, in its seventh year, will be celebrating the Year of the Pig. The festival focuses on Asian food, entertainment, culture performances and fun for young families. It is the largest of its kind in Tasmania. The event will run from 10.00am to 4.00pm. on Parliament House Lawns. There will be four themed zones: Food, Cultural, Entertainment, Kids. Entry is free. We have invited all Asian groups in Hobart and around the state, as well as many community, school and service groups to participate. Our objective is to be THE major Asian celebration in Tasmania.

Recipient: Australian Barbershop Convention Management Association Inc.

  • Project: Hobart Barbershop Festival
  • Approved Funding: $9,216.00

Over six days in September, enjoy the 2019 Hobart Barbershop Festival. Join 600 interstate and international singers to experience and enjoy the thrill of a cappella singing, barbershop style. You can join with local choirs, youth, and students to participate in focused workshops and performance opportunities, learning from outstanding educators. As well, enjoy high-quality barbershop contests featuring 40 quartets and 20 choruses. Also enjoy pop-up performances, a free twilight Town Hall concert, and a city church service. The Festival culminates with the A Cappella Spectacular Concert at Wrest Point with a visiting international prize-winning quartet.

Recipient: Tasmania Chinese Art and Communication Society

  • Project: 2019 Hobart Chinese Lantern Festival
  • Approved Funding: $10,000.00

Hobart Chinese Lantern Festival was established in 2014 in Hobart. It has attracted several thousand patrons in the last 5 years. The 6th Hobart Chinese Lantern Festival will be taking place at Hobart City Hall Saturday 16th February 2019. This free family event will be hosted by Tasmania Chinese Art and Communication Society (TCACS), and co-hosted by Tasmania Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia. The high quality entertainment program and activities e.g. traditional performance and Festival food tasting are suitable to all age groups and cultural backgrounds. We invite all communities to come along to celebrate the cultural diversity with us.

Recipient: Kennerley Children's Homes Inc

  • Project: Kennerley Children's festival
  • Approved Funding: $12,093.00

Since 1869 Kennerley has been an integral part of the Hobart Community providing homes and support to Tasmania's children and families. To celebrate our 150th anniversary Kennerley will be holding a Children's festival. This festival is designed to focus on our vision of building a brighter future for Tasmania's children and to compliment the Tasmanian government wellbeing framework: where children feel safe and loved; are healthy; are participating in their community; have access to the material basics of life; have opportunities to learn and grow; and a positive sense of identity and culture.

Recipient: Hobart Language Day Committee

  • Project: Hobart Language Day
  • Approved Funding: $7,000.00

Hobart Language Day is a celebration of language diversity in Hobart with the objective to promote multiculturalism, harmony, social cohesion and cultural diversity. Hobart Language Day (HLD) is organised to provide integration into the community through activities that will be developed for a wide audience of people, promoting interaction between a diverse variety groups in the spirit of Hobart Language Day. HLD 2019 will have special topic: Indigenous languages matter. HLD wants to be part of the world celebration of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, declared by Unesco, (IYIL2019).

Recipient: West Moonah Community House

  • Project: Wellness Expo
  • Approved Funding: $7,626.00 

West Moonah Community House and Australian Rotary Health are hosting their sixth annual Wellness Expo in March 2019 at Princes Wharf. This vibrant event draws together approximately 100 local businesses and organisations who contribute to the health and wellbeing of our community. With free entry, this event is accessible to everyone who wants to find out about services available, and provides the invaluable opportunity to speak directly to stallholders. Attendees enjoy freebies, talks, demonstrations, kids activities and entertainment. It also enables stallholders to network and build valuable relationships for support and inter-organisational referrals.

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Local Trader Grants

The Local Trader Marketing Grants are designed to help groups of traders to attract customers to their trading area. These grants are designed to encourage these groups to create and run marketing activities and events.

Recipient: Lily & Dot

Project: Make it to Midtown marketing project

Approved funding: $5,000

The term ‘Midtown’ has grown organically over the past two years in parallel with business growth and now has significant traction on social media, news media, tourism and property advertising. Our marketing plan includes participating in the O-Week 2018 'Welcome to Midtown' pop-up event in public plaza of UTAS Hobart Apartments, Open House Hobart 'Midtown Mile' walking tour giving insight into the heritage and prior uses of buildings in the precinct, as well as showcasing current traders and UTAS apartments, via behind-the-scenes inspections and fostering civic pride. We also intend to create a brochure that captures the diverse range of experiences available in our one city block including buying a CWA cake, getting a tattoo, a bike, have a coffee, wine or dine, learn to crochet, sharpen your knives, buy a Tasmanian-made gift, and have a haircut/beauty treatment.

Shopfront Improvement Grants

The Shopfront Improvement Grant assists small business with matched funding of up to $5,000 to make physical changes to their façade in an effort to encourage an improved streetscape and increased patronage.

Recipient: Claudia Jewellers

Approved funding: $5,000

The Installation of new cabinets within the store designed to give customers an optimum shopping experience. These will be built in the front window so from outside customers will be drawn to the magic of Claudia Jewellers. Black cabinets with effective lighting is designed to enhance the jewellery and bring our jewellery closer to our customers from the outside looking in. At night, the shop front will remain lit and provide a warm glow to be seen from a distance. 

Recipient: Plane Tree Studio

Approved funding: $1,500.00

The existing facade is dated and requires updating to meet and exceed the expectations of modern consumers. The proposal will include a repaint of building facade from its existing dated colour to a modern charcoal grey; a repaint of the sign-writing across the front of the face of Plane Tree Studio to match new branding that defines the values and products of the business and a retro fit of the existing external 'street sign' with the business's fresh business image that will then provide consistency across all marketing platforms.

Recipient: Lily & Dot

Approved funding: $346.00

The installation of a contemporary retail lighting system to highlight the shopfront, enabling more people to see featured displays, and ensuring staff and customers egress safely after dark.

Recipient: Computer Trader

Approved funding: $5,000.00

Computer trader will improve the front facade by removing unsightly ex wall cladding, replacing corroded roof cladding and faulty rainwater gutter and downpipe and reinstate 3 multi pane windows.