The planning approval process regulates how land is used and developed by considering all applications against state planning laws and the City's planning schemes.

Approvals process

  1. Planning
  2. Condition endorsement
  3. Building and plumbing
  4. Other development permits and approvals

The Development Portal enables you to submit planning, building or plumbing applications, add more information to your application, track the status of an application, view advertised applications, and search for historical applications.

Development Portal

If you have a general planning enquiry, you can contact our Development Appraisal unit by phone on 03 6238 2711 or email

Do your research first

Our Duty Planner can provide you with some initial guidance on whether your proposal requires a planning permit, and what planning scheme requirements need to be met or may be relevant to your property.

By talking to us early in the planning process, we can help with whether the City of Hobart is likely to support your proposal and can discuss changes to your project design that may be necessary to make the proposal more acceptable.

You can call our Duty Planner on 03 6238 2711. If you would prefer to come into our office at Hobart Council Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart then please call our Duty Planner to make an appointment.

If you would like confirmation that your proposal is exempt from planning then you can lodge a Pre-Application Enquiry (PAE) through our Development Portal. If you will require a planning permit and you would like further advice about your proposal, this may attract a fee. This will be explained to you once your application has been reviewed and you will not incur the fee without electing to do so.

Development Portal

Talk to your neighbours

We highly recommend that you discuss your proposal with your neighbours and anyone else who may be impacted, before you lodge your application. This often saves a lot of time later down the track if small changes can be made to address their concerns early on.

Consider getting professional advice

This will help you develop your ideas and designs so they meet the City's expectations and will help you to determine the type and detail of the information you will need to prepare and submit with an application.

General Manager consent

Please note, the City's Chief Executive Officer also carries out the statutory role of "General Manager" for the purposes of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.

If your application for a planning permit includes land owned or administered by the City of Hobart, you require the written permission of the General Manager for the application to be validly lodged with the planning authority in accordance with section 52 of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.

Please lodge your application through our Development Portal.

Development Portal

For further details on General Manager consent including what information is required to be provided, please see the City's General Manager consent guidelines(PDF, 236KB).

If you aren't sure whether General Manager consent is required then please see our General Manager consent checklist(DOCX, 190KB) which will guide you on the common situations where consent is required. We encourage you to complete this checklist and provide it as part of your General Manager consent application, to assist us to understand your application.

Submitting planning applications

Planning applications can only be lodged online. You answer questions about yourself and the project, upload documents in PDF format and pay the application fees.

Development Portal

Get help with the Development Portal User Guide(PDF, 2MB).

By talking to us early in the planning process, we can help with project design and permits. The best way to find out what permits you need is to submit an enquiry online or make an appointment to see a Duty Planner at the Hobart Council Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, by phoning 03 6238 2711.

For building enquiries, please contact a private building surveyor. For enquiries about building permits already lodged, please contact City of Hobart's Permit Coordinator on 03 6238 2711.

Find more information and assistance on our preparing an application page.

Assessment and determination of applications

Preliminary assessment

City of Hobart Officers undertake an initial assessment of the application to see if enough information has been supplied to make a well-informed decision.


We may also refer your application to other areas within the City, including Development Engineering, Environmental Planning, Heritage, Environmental Health, Stormwater, Road and Mobility.

Once these areas have completed their initial assessment we will determine whether further information is required to advise and/or assess your application.

Further information may be required

If we need more information, the Planning Officer will send the request for further information as soon as possible. The Planning Officers have up to 21 days to request further information for a discretionary application and 14 days for a permitted application.

The application is then put on hold until this information is received.


Not all applications are required to be advertised, but if required (these are called discretionary applications), the application will be advertised for 14 days.

These discretionary applications are made public:

  • within the Public Notice section of The Mercury on weekdays
  • on the City of Hobart website
  • on all frontages of the property
  • in writing to all adjoining neighbours.

The plans and documentation relating to an advertised application can be viewed on the Development Portal and are also made available to you at the Hobart Council Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.


A written submission in support or in opposition to an advertised (discretionary) planning application is called a representation.

A representation must be in writing and should state the reasons why they support or object to the application.

More information is available on the representations page.

All representations received are considered by the Planning Officer in their assessment.


A comprehensive assessment of the development application is undertaken by the Planning Officer.

In assessing the application, they will take into account:

  • the relevant sections of the planning scheme
  • representations received during the advertised period
  • comments or suggested conditions from areas (both internally and externally) that were referred the application.

The Planning Officer will then prepare a report with a recommendation for approval with conditions or refusal.


The report with the recommendation for approval with conditions or refusal is forwarded for authorisation, depending on delegation, to either the:

  • Director City Life, Manager Development Appraisal and Senior Statutory Planner; or
  • the Planning Committee.

For more information on delegations, see the summary of delegations(PDF, 789KB).

A permit containing conditions of approval or reasons for refusal is forwarded to the applicant (and any representors) within seven days of a decision being made.