Emergency evacuation

Emergency evacuation

In certain circumstances, such as a bushfire or flooding, it may become necessary for you to evacuate from your home.

When should I evacuate?

If you are worried about your safety, it is recommended to evacuate early. Conditions can get worse very quickly, making it harder to evacuate the longer you wait.

If emergency services have concerns regarding your wellbeing and safety it may be recommended that you evacuate. If you choose not to accept or act on these recommendations, and the situation becomes more critical, the Police have the authority to instruct you to evacuate.

How will I be notified if I need to evacuate?

If an evacuation is necessary, affected members of the community may be notified by one or more of the following methods:

  • State Government alerts
  • Media (including social media)
  • Visit from the Police, Fire Service or SES.

Where do I go if evacuated?

Please go to a safer place away from bushfire risk areas. Your first option should be with family or friends who live in an area which is not at risk from the emergency.

The second option would be to find a hotel, motel, caravan park etc.

If you are asked to evacuate and are unable to arrange alternative accommodation (with relatives, friends, hotels, motels, caravan parks, etc.), temporary short term accommodation may be available at the designated evacuation centre.

Once the evacuation centre has been activated, details will be publicly advised via various means including ABC Radio and social media.

What should I take when evacuating?

When evacuating you should ensure that you take any essential medications with you. It is recommended that you take an emergency kit which should include:

  • Water (at least 5 litres per person)
  • Food
  • Medications and toiletries
  • Essential papers and cash
  • A battery operated radio and torch
  • A supply of spare batteries
  • Spare clothing
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Bed linen, towels and something to sleep on.

When should I return home?

You should not return home until you have been told it is safe to do so.