Local Government Elections

Councils have a significant impact on the lives of all Tasmanians, enabling the economic, social and cultural development of the community, supporting individuals and groups, and providing a wide range of services for the wellbeing of the community.

Elected Members play a vital leadership role, working together to create and implement their community's vision, strategic direction and the values within which they operate.

Lord Mayors, Deputy Lord Mayors and Elected Members are all elected for four-year terms. Mayors and Deputy Mayors are popularly elected. 

General Manager's (GM) roll

To enrol for the General Manager's (GM) roll, you must be a:

  • resident who is not on the State Electoral Roll (for instance non-Australian citizens)
  • non-resident owner or occupier of property in the Hobart municipal area
  • the nominee of a corporate body.

To register for the GM roll, you must fill out the form which applies to you:

General Manager's Roll Enrolment Form - Individual(PDF, 36KB) (for both residents not on the electoral roll, and for non-resident owners or occupiers)

General Manager's Roll Enrolment Form - Corporate(PDF, 37KB)

If you are an occupier of a property in the Hobart municipal area you will need to provide a supporting document with your completed Electoral Enrolment Form, showing your name and current address. Examples are your drivers licence, a utility bill, lease agreement, letter from the landlord or other such document.

If you have any questions please contact the City's Rates Team:

Completed Enrolment Forms together with supporting documentation showing residency in the municipal area, where applicable, should be returned to the City of Hobart via: