Inner City Action Plan

The Inner City Action Plan (ICAP) is a plan for Hobart now and in the future.

The ICAP contains a selection of key recommendations from the Gehl Architects Report, Hobart 2010 Public Spaces and Public Life a city with people in mind’.

The Gehl Report outlines 15 recommended projects designed to attract people and activity into Hobart and to create a vital, dynamic city centre. The projects bring life and energy to our city. As they take shape, inner Hobart will become more people-focused, with well-designed public spaces, a pedestrian network that enables smooth movement between city destinations, and an urban environment that encourages cycling as a safe, alternative mode of transport. Traffic will flow more smoothly and our public transport system will become more usable, efficient and reliable.

Our inner city destinations will be rejuvenated and enhanced. Elizabeth Street will develop as a vibrant, active spine to the city, and Sullivans Cove will continue to grow as an accessible and welcoming destination. Hobart's shopping and nightlife will be invigorated, our educational precinct will be strengthened, and inner city living will emerge as an appealing and practical option.

The ICAP is the first stage of our response to the Gehl Report and forms the basis for future planning and development for the inner city. As further recommendations from the Gehl Report are tested and approved, more projects will be introduced to continue to realise our community's exciting vision for Hobart.

View the complete ICAP report(PDF, 64MB)

More information

Gehl Architects Report, ‘Hobart 2010 Public Spaces and Public Life – a city with people in mind’

The Gehl Report is divided into sections and can be downloaded below.   

Introduction(PDF, 1MB)

Analysis(PDF, 10MB)

Recommendations(PDF, 12MB)

Public Life Data(PDF, 11MB)