Pinnacle Road - current road status


Pinnacle Road can be closed any time due to unsafe conditions or traffic congestion. When the road status changes this page is updated.

For more information on kunanyi/Mt Wellington road status:

To see what conditions are like on the pinnacle, view the kunanyi/Mt Wellington webcam.

During snow and icy conditions, Pinnacle Road is closed for safety reasons but may be accessed by bicycle or on foot. Anyone travelling on the road while closed should be aware that snow clearing equipment may be in operation. A privately operated and specially equipped bus operates during road closures, if conditions allow. Visit the operator website for details.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Pinnacle Road is the highest and busiest sealed alpine road in Tasmania. It is narrow with steep embankments. Snow and ice can create dangerous driving conditions.

When the road will re-open?

As soon as it is safe. So while you may not be able to get to the summit straight away, the road can often be opened in stages (i.e. to The Springs while we clear the road higher up of snow and ice.

How far is it to the snow?

Snow could be 100 metres away, or several kilometres depending on conditions and where the road is open to. You can walk up the road or any tracks when the road is closed, but you need to be properly prepared.

Please note: if the 'last update' date is a while in the past, it means there hasn't been any changes to the road status since that date, and the map is still displaying the correct information.