Snow on kunanyi/Mt Wellington

Stay safe in the snow

Hobart’s kunanyi/Mt Wellington is a magical place in the snow and has some great short walks, but you must be properly prepared for harsh alpine conditions and you must give yourself enough time to complete your walk safely. 

Road conditions on the mountain can also become dangerous due to snow and ice.

The City of Hobart closes Pinnacle Road, the road to The Springs and the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington, when ice and snow make it unsafe for all public vehicles.

We’ve listed a few walks that can be undertaken in snow conditions, but please remember that kunanyi/Mt Wellington is an alpine environment, and you must always be prepared for the conditions.

We’ve given you a taste of the walks below, but please download our Great Short Walks in the Snow brochure(PDF, 2MB) for a handy map and safety tips.

Guide to great short walks in the snow on kunanyi/Mt Wellington (PDF, 2MB)

Great Short Walks in the snow

Springs to the Chalet: Starting from The Springs follow Pinnacle Track past the Zig Zag Track turn-off and along the Organ Pipes Track towards The Chalet. You will pass beneath the Organ Pipes before arriving at The Chalet. Return the same way. This route is often the quickest to the snowline.

Sphinx Rock and Junction Cabin: Follow Lenah Valley Track to Sphinx Rock for great views over Hobart. For a longer walk continue all the way to Junction Cabin. Return the same way for both walks. This route experiences snow only when snow falls to low levels.

Silver Falls: Towering tree ferns, lush forest and moss can all be found on your way to Silver Falls. If starting at Fern Tree Park follow the Pipeline Track to the Fern Tree Bower, then on to the falls, returning clockwise via Fern Glade Track. You can also visit the falls from The Springs by following Radfords Track, turning right on to Reids Track. This route experiences snow only when snow falls to low levels.

The summit

The summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington can be reached via the Zig Zag Track in the snow, but this walk should only be undertaken by experienced walkers prepared for wet, windy and freezing conditions. The Zig Zag track is steep and can be icy and slippery in snow.

Warning: The summit is 1271m above sea level and exposed to wind gusts that can exceed 100kmh. Wind chill makes hypothermia a serious risk to walkers if not properly prepared. 

Stay safe on the mountain

If you’re not well prepared Tasmania’s weather can be treacheous, including on kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

For every 100 metres you ascend the temperature typically falls a degree. The summit is 600 metres higher than The Springs and is likely to be 6°C colder. If it’s windy, the summit will feel even colder. Be prepared to turn back. Low cloud can reduce visibility to a few metres. Snow and ice can make tracks very slippery.

General safety advice

While the City of Hobart strives to keep Pinnacle Road to the summit of kunanyi / Mt Wellington open, sometimes this is not possible due to heavy snowfalls or icy conditions. 

•  Always check road and weather conditions before you go:

•  Check the Bureau of Meteorology website for the latest weather forecasts.

•  Check road status:

•  Pack warm and waterproof clothing.

Tips for staying safe in the snow