The City of Hobart sponsorship program offers support to eligible events, festivals and activities in return for significant promotional benefits.

This support can be cash, in-kind or a combination of both, in exchange for mutually beneficial outcomes for the city.

2021-22 Sponsorship Program

This year, due to the impacts of COVID-19, our priority will be to support events that clearly produce benefits to the tourism and hospitality sectors in the City of Hobart local government area, thus supporting the City's broader goal of local economic recovery.

There is a limited budget for sponsorships and applicants should contact the sponsorship officer prior to applying to ensure your event is suitable for funding.

Sponsorship applications are now open and the total funding pool for sponsorships in 2021-22 is $75 000. Applications are for events that occur between January and May 2022.

For the purpose of the program, a sponsorship application must be for:

A large scale commercial event, festival or activity (including sporting) that is high profile and as a result has the potential for significant promotional leverage (i.e. interstate media/branding opportunities) and significant economic benefit, improve visitation and provide enrichment to the community. As a result, most sponsorship applications will be initiated from well-established proven events.

Applicants must allow a minimum three-month period for sponsorship to be considered and for panel assessment and approval processes.

Interested applicants should refer to the Sponsorship Guidelines(PDF, 660KB) to determine their eligibility, review the assessment criteria and application process.

Sponsorship timeline

Sponsorship applications are now open to eligible organisations.

Applications open: 22 September 2021
Applications close: 14 October 2021
Panel assessment meeting: mid-November 2021
Council approval: 6 December 2021

Application process

Initial discussion

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Sponsorship Team for an initial chat about your event and to ensure that your event is suitable.

The Sponsorship Team can be contacted on either 03 6238 2989 or email sponsorship@hobartcity.com.au

Stage one - eligibility form

Applicants are encouraged to complete the sponsorship eligibility form online and provide an overview of your event to confirm eligibility.

Apply now

Stage two - sponsorship form

If your application is eligible for funding, applicants will then be directed to complete the detailed sponsorship form and address the assessment criteria. Your application will then be assessed by the panel to determine support. Applications will be assessed on a competitive basis.

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For enquiries regarding commercial sponsorships, please contact the Sponsorship Team on either 03 6238 2989 or email sponsorship@hobartcity.com.au.