Resources for grant recipients

Resources for grant recipients

Congratulations on receiving a City of Hobart grant.

The following information has been provided to guide you through the process of accepting and managing your funding or support.

You'll find information on managing changes to your funding request, using the City of Hobart logo, requesting promotion support, and acquittals.


If your application is successful, you will receive notification via email.

The agreement may include special conditions that must be met. You can provide information relating to special conditions to the City of Hobart when you return the signed agreement.

Payment of your grant will occur after all paperwork has been processed and all special conditions have been met.

For information on how to set out an invoice or tax invoice please visit the Business Tasmania website.

Variation request

If there are significant changes to the funded activity, applicants must contact the grants officer to confirm the variation is acceptable.

A variation is defined in the grant agreement and includes changes to:

  • activity start or end date
  • attendance capacity
  • venue
  • ticket price
  • the scale or or number of elements within the activity
  • key people delivering the activity, including paid and volunteer positions
  • activity budget increase or decrease by 10%.

Variations requests are submitted via SmartyGrants. You will be notified via email from the grants team and SmartyGrants when the form is available.

Request access to variation form

Once submitted, the variation requests are reviewed by relevant City officers. When reviewing this request we will look at a range of factors, including:

  • Is the request consistent with the original intent of the project and the grant's guidelines and alignment with the City's strategy?
  • Does the request adversely affect the outcomes of the project?
  • Is there adequate evidence provided to support the request?

You will be notified via email if the variation is acceptable. The relevant information will be updated against your submission file. This will ensure your acquittal report reflects the change.

Logos and acknowledgement

Successful applicants must acknowledge the City of Hobart's assistance for their activity.

The Grant Partnership Acknowledgement Guidelines are sent to successful applicants with the grant agreement. You can also download them here: City of Hobart Grant & Partnership Acknowledgment Guidelines(PDF, 1MB)

You can access logos files and instructions for how to use them from the logo and guidelines page.

Promotion support

The City of Hobart welcomes the opportunity to support local events and activities in our community through the Grants Program

Because we are investing in your activity, we would like to support you by including your activity on the upcoming events page. We may be able to provide additional support - this will be at our discretion.

Get in touch with your key contact at the City of Hobart or the grants team to arrange this.

Send information for the upcoming events calendar

Inviting Elected Members

You are welcome to invite Elected Members to attend your funded activity. Their contact details are available on the Current Elected Members page.


Acquittal reports provide feedback to the City on the success of the approved activity, relevant data, images or video and any lessons learnt. You must provide detailed financial reports.

All grants must submit a report to acquit the grant via SmartyGrants.

  • Quick Response Grant acquittals are due one month after the activity has been completed
  • All other grants require final reports to be submitted no later than three months after the agreed completion date of the activity.

You may be asked to provide further documentation and evidence of expenses. If the grant is valued at more than $20,000, we may request you provide audited financial statements on acquitting the activity.

Accessing your acquittal form

You can access the acquittal report form by logging into the City of Hobart SmartyGrants portal and then clicking the 'My Submissions' link at the top of page. Here you will see your grant submission and the associated forms open and waiting for you to complete.

For more information please read our FAQs.

If the form is not appearing or the information is incorrect, please email with your Application ID.