Banners and signage

The City of Hobart has a range of signage options available for hire.

Civic banners

Civic Banners are designed to add colour to Hobart's streets and provide a fantastic opportunity to get your message to a wide audience. A typical three-week program can reach more than one million vehicles. Banners are located on poles in the city centre, along the main arterial roads, and in the main shopping precinct areas of North Hobart and Sandy Bay. For more information, view the Civic Banner Guidelines(PDF, 2MB).

To ask about availability and for booking forms, phone 03 6238 2890 or email

The City of Hobart also offers a Civic Banner Quick Response Grant of up to $1000 for the manufacturing of Civic Banners. The grant is designed to assist not-for-profit community organisations who are delivering projects with a community benefit.

For more information and to apply, please see the Civic Banner Quick Response Grant Guidelines.

Special event signage

The City of Hobart has special event signage boards on the Tasman Highway (just below the Cenotaph) and the Brooker Highway (near Rugby Park). For a small fee, special events can be advertised for up to four weeks.

To check availability or for more information, phone 03 6238 2890 or email   

Once you have confirmed availability for your preferred dates, you can make a booking by completing the Event Signage application online or by filling in the form(PDF, 51KB) and returning it to

Street banners

The City of Hobart manages bookings for Street Banners. The banners are located across Murray Street (between Liverpool and Collins streets) and Collins Street (between Murray and Victoria streets).

There are several steps involved in completing a booking for Street Banners, it is important that you follow the steps in the order below:

  1. Check availability by contacting 03 6238 2890 or email

  2. Complete the Street Banner application form either online or by filling in the form(PDF, 51KB) and returning it to

3.  You will need to seek approval from the owners of the properties that the banners hang from.  Click contact the property owners(PDF, 13KB) for their details.

4.  Complete and forward the Insight banners application(PDF, 55KB) to Insight Banners using the email or postal address on the application.  Insight Banners manufacture and install the banners.  For any cost enquiries, please contact Insight Banners directly.

The City has no further involvement in the booking process after you have completed step 2.