Residential noise


Chainsaws can only be used for one day in any seven consecutive days on residential premises within 300 metres of another residential premises.

They must be used between 7 am and 6 pm and only for domestic garden maintenance.

Loud music (domestic)

Noise emitted from stereos at night or weekends, and noise from neighbourhood parties should be directed to Tasmania Police on 131 444. 

Find out more about prohibited hours of use.

Motor vehicles

Noise from motor vehicles on roads should be directed to Tasmania Police on 131 444.  

Noise caused by moving motor vehicles in and out of residential premises is excluded from the listed prohibited hours of use. If you are bothered by neighbouring noise from cars, we suggest that you speak with your neighbour directly, or through a body corporate if it is a shared driveway for an apartment complex.


If you are experiencing noise from barking dogs, you can let our Animal Control Unit know by phone 03 6238 2169. Find out more about Animal Management.

Complaints about noise from other animals, such as roosters, can be made by lodging a noise complaint.