Positive Ageing

We want older people to feel valued and respected for their knowledge, life experiences, skills, stories, history, creativity and wisdom. We offer programs and activities for older people at Mathers House.

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Mathers and Criterion Houses

Mathers House and Criterion House are located at 108 Bathurst Street, close to the Hobart Central Car Park, which has free parking for the first 60 minutes.

The houses are only two blocks from the Hobart bus mall and close to Hobart LINC, Bathurst Street Post Office and the city centre.

Mathers House is the first building you see when entering Mather's Lane from Bathurst Street. Criterion House is on the opposite side of the lane and is also accessible from Criterion Lane.

The facilities are staffed and open for business from 10 am – 3 pm, weekdays. Some activities and programs may operate outside these hours.

Mathers House online

Follow the the Mathers House Facebook page. This page gives you the opportunity to connect with other Hobartians who are ageing positively, share interesting information, ask questions of your peers and make the group your own. You may even make some new friends!

View the Mathers House online video series and follow along with some of your favourite programs from home. Enjoy!

Information Hub

The City of Hobart, in partnership with the Department of Premier and Cabinet, has established an Information Hub to assist older people with finding information online.

Volunteers at Mather's House are on hand to help senior residents find out about My Aged Care services, health websites, events and activities in the community.

For more information, call 03 6234 1441 or email mathersplace@hobartcity.com.au

Mathers House Story Project

What Wisdom do they hold? What stories remain untold?

Through the sharing of stories, we celebrate the rich lives of elders in our communities:

Mathers House Story Project

Upcoming events

You can download our current program of activities in our newsletter:

What's On in Positive Ageing (digital spread view)(PDF, 2MB)

What's On in Positive Ageing (single page print-at-home version)(PDF, 2MB)

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Outside activities

We also engage in outside activities, such as:

  • guided tours of historic and heritage sites with expert guides who bring alive our Hobart heritage
  • excursions to outdoor sites and into the bush to meet other older people and share food and adventures
  • music concerts and 'meet the musician' opportunities.

Mathers Place is a community space

We are always looking for partnerships and opportunities to work with groups, organisations and individuals. If your activity fits in with the social inclusion aims of the City of Hobart, we would be keen to talk to you and look at ways in which we may be able to support your activity. To share your ideas, contact us on 03 6234 1441 or email mathersplace@hobartcity.com.au.

Hiring the houses

You can hire our facilities after hours and on the weekend at very reasonable rates. Fees are calculated on a casual or regular basis with preference given to community-based activities.

Hobart Older Persons' Reference Group

The Hobart Older Persons' Reference Group (HOPRG) is a group of older people who have an interest in Hobart. HOPRG works to build community and social connectedness for older people both locally and throughout greater Hobart.

HOPRG's mission is to ensure that the voice of older people is heard, and that older people have the opportunity to be included and engaged in their communities.

If you are interested in being a member of HOPRG, please phone 03 6238 2772 or email Mark Joseph at josephm@hobartcity.com.au.

Recent Research

Facilitating Social Connections

The loss of a partner, restricted finances, issues with health and mobility, as well as changes to an older person's transport options, can greatly impact an older person's opportunities to bond with others and maintain social connections. For more information, view the 'How Does Mathers House Facilitate Social Connections?(PDF, 4MB)' report.

Connection Cycle

In 2018, the City of Hobart conducted research to explore the use of language and deepen understandings around social connection for people aged over 50. 

The project involved 90 participants who took part in surveys, community consultations and one-on-one interviews at Mathers House.

The outcomes of the research were summarised in a report Connection Cycle: Exploring language and collecting experiences, gifts and ideas of people over fifty (WISE people) to develop a deeper understanding of social connection.

The report is aimed to be used to inform the aged care sector and raise awareness around the importance of the respectful use of language when addressing older (wise) people and generate ideas to build social connection and include more people in a positive feedback loop.

View the Connection Cycle report(PDF, 3MB).

More Information

City of Hobart Positive Ageing Strategy

City of Hobart Equal Access Strategy

Inclusion and equity

Council on the Ageing (COTA) Tasmania

Department of Premier and Cabinet - Older Persons

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