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All applications must be lodged through our Development Portal.

Development Portal

If you would like to change the way you use your property (for example, to use it as visitor accommodation) or carry out development or landscaping, you may need a range of approvals.

The approvals you will require will depend on the nature of your proposal. Generally, the approvals process will be as set out below.

The City of Hobart is responsible for planning (including condition endorsement) and other permits and approvals. Private building surveyors will be able to guide you on what approvals, if any, you require for building work.

Approvals process

Please note that not all developments will need to complete each four steps, and that this process is a guide only.


Obtaining planning approval from the City of Hobart is usually the first step before carrying out a development. Our information on the planning process will guide you through the requirements.


Condition endorsement

If your planning permit requires that detailed drawings or other documents must be "submitted and approved" (or something similar), this is a separate application process which may need to be completed prior to applying for building or plumbing approvals.

Condition endorsement

Building and plumbing

You will need a private building surveyor to assist you with the necessary building and plumbing approvals. If you require permits from the City, the building surveyor can make this application for you.

Building and plumbing

Other development permits and approvals

There are a number of other permits and approvals which you may require before commencing your development. Please check our list of other permits and approvals carefully before you commence works.

Other development permits and approvals


This is an overview of the timeframes for development related applications. Time may be extended where further information is required to determine your application.

Planning approval

  • Permitted applications – 28 days
  • Discretionary applications – 42 days
  • Amendment of existing permits – 28 days

Condition endorsement

  • Any planning permit conditions which require the City to approve further documentation – 20 business days

Building permits

  • 7 days

Plumbing permits

  • 7 days – plus 21 days if a certificate of likely compliance is required

Strata certification

  • Provision of a certificate of approval – 30 business days


  • Sealing of final plans – 20 business days

Further assistance

The City of Hobart has a planner on duty during business hours 8.15 am to 5.15 pm. You can reach the Duty Planner (or anyone else in the Planning team) by calling 03 6238 2711 or by emailing

Depending on your question for the Duty Planner, it may be necessary to set up an appointment for you to come and discuss your proposal. Often we are able to respond to queries over the phone or by email.

Once you make an application, it may be referred to many parts of the organisation. Those referrals are coordinated by the responsible Planner and if you have any questions about the progress of your application, please contact the Planner. The Planner may need to refer your specific questions to other sections of the organisation.

The Development Appraisal Manager can assist you if you have any concerns with your application which are unable to be resolved by the responsible Planner.

For assistance with our Development Portal, please use the Development Portal User Guide(PDF, 2MB) or contact our City Planning administration team using the contact details above.


If you are a developer or owner-builder, there are important Commonwealth telecommunications rules you need to comply with. For more information visit the Department of Infrastructure website.